What shoes are suitable for sex underwear suitable for

The matching of sexy underwear and shoes

Sexy underwear has become the most popular fashion items in modern women. They have many styles and styles that can be suitable for different types of figures and occasions.However, many women do not know how to match shoes so that sexy underwear can be presented better.Here are some suggestions about sexy underwear and shoes.

High -heeled shoes and sexy underwear

Interest underwear and high heels are perfect combinations, which can make women more sexy and eye -catching.You can choose black high -heeled shoes for sexy underwear of any color.If you want to have a more personalized shape, you can choose high heels with sequins, lace or other decorations.

Sports shoes and comfortable sexy underwear

If you want to relax at home, you can also choose to wear sexy lingerie with a pair of comfortable sneakers.This combination allows you to keep you fashionable and comfortable. This kind of combination is particularly suitable for wearing at a leisure family gathering.

Flat shoes and sexual feelings fun underwear

Although the matching of high heels and sexy underwear is perfect, in some occasions, the combination of flat shoes and sexy underwear is also a good choice, especially when it is necessary to walk or stand for a long time.If you want to have a sexy and comfortable shape, a pair of black flat shoes is the best choice.

Boots and lace sexy underwear

If you want to wear sexy underwear in autumn and winter, long boots may be the best choice.Especially when you are wearing a lace sexy underwear, with a pair of high boots, you can set off your charm and fully show your temperament.

Sandals and transparent sexy underwear

If you wear a transparent sexy underwear in the summer, a pair of sandals may be the best match, especially during vacation.You can choose a pair of sandals with pattern or explicit, which will add a lot to your shape.

Light -mouth shoes and retro sexy underwear

If you want to show your retro temperament, a pair of light -mouth shoes or shoes is a good choice, especially these shoes are generally white or dark, and you will not have any conflict with sex underwear.Some unexpected effects.

Skills of the width of the heel and the sexy lingerie

The combination of sexy underwear and shoes actually has a skill, that is, the width of the heel and the color of the shoes should be matched with the sexy underwear.When you choose shoes with wider heels, remember to choose a more sexy sexy underwear style with it; when you choose shoes with thin heels, it is more suitable to choose a more simple style of sexy underwear.

Avoid errors

In some cases, there are some errors in shoes with sexy underwear, which need to be avoided.For example, when you wear sexy lace sexy underwear, you must avoid matching too complicated shoes.Similarly, when you wear a more gorgeous high heels, avoid choosing too fancy sexy underwear.


Although there are some matching skills between sexy underwear and shoes, it is not difficult. You can use the above points to create and create. I hope that you can create a beautiful fashion style for everyone’s daily life.

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