What shoes do you wear under the sexy underwear

What shoes do you wear under the sex underwear?

Wearing sex underwear is a private enjoyment of women, and with suitable shoes, it can better show the personality and charm of women.The following is the relevant suggestions about what shoes are wearing under the sexy lingerie.

1. High -heeled shoes

As one of the essentials of women, high heels also play an important role in the wearing of sexy underwear.They can make women’s figures more beautiful and can effectively lengthen the leg curve.It is a good choice to choose high heels when matching with sex underwear.Whether it is pointed high heels or thick heels, it can match the style of sexy underwear, giving a sexy and charming feeling.

Second, thin heel boots

While ensuring sexuality, thin heel boots have created a simple and generous atmosphere for women.Pure colors or leather long boots can often add a unique atmosphere to the wearing of sexy underwear.The detailed heel design can make women look taller. At the same time, the design of boots can also make up for the exposed parts of the meaty sexy underwear.

Third, flat shoes

For those women who do not want or are not suitable for high heels, flat shoes are a good choice.Compared with high heels, flat shoes are more practical and more comfortable when walking.When matched with erotic underwear, choosing a flat -bottomed shoes that can coordinate with sexual and sexy underwear will improve your sexy index.

Fourth, sports shoes

Next to the sexy sexy underwear, a pair of sneakers may look a bit uncomfortable.However, with one or two details, you can bring out different cuteness and sexy.For example, a bright sneakers, or a small LOGO lipstick, these small details play an important role between balanced cuteness and sexy.

Five, doll shoes

Doll shoes are well liked by women with their small and cute characteristics.If your sexy underwear style is gentle, such as lace, lace, pink, etc., you can choose a pair of small and cute baby shoes to increase your charm.

Six, short boots

In the cold winter, short boots are one of the favorite shoes of women.When matching sexual erotic underwear, choosing a high waist, thick bottom or rivet boots can solve the troubles of wearing well, and will also add a sense of fashion to you.

Seven, ankle boots

Ankle boots are a versatile shoe in women’s shoe cabinets.Whether it is sexy underwear or other dress, it can be eased.For women who want to "save effort" with sexy underwear, choosing a classic ankle boots is a good choice.

Eight, naked boots

Naked boots can be said to be the most sexy shoes.Its main charm is the sense of barefoot, and it is also applicable in the wearing of sexy underwear.Moreover, it can well modify the leg shape, and it is also a good choice when going out to party.

In general, the shoes with sexy underwear should be selected according to different occasions, styles and personal shapes.The most important thing is the harmony and comfort of the entire clothing.There are a variety of sexy underwear styles, and it also gives women a lot of opportunities to choose shoes, but no matter what kind of shoes choose, the best suggestion is confidence and comfort.

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