What should I do if I will return after trying through the sexy underwear


With the improvement of people’s quality of life, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular with female friends.However, in the process of buying and wearing sexy underwear, sometimes due to size, quality and other problems, it is inevitable that returns need to be returned.So, what should I do if the sexy lingerie is tried on?

return policy

First of all, different erotic underwear brands and sales platforms may have different return policies.Before purchasing, you should carefully read the return of the corresponding product to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and losses.

time limit

Generally speaking, the time for the trial of sexy underwear is 7-15 days.It is recommended to check it in time after the trial is completed to ensure that there are no quality problems such as damage, staining, and odor, and maintaining the determination to return the goods immediately.

reasons for return

How can we give better support after -sales service?That is to clearly express the reason for returns.

For example, the size is relatively small or large, the body is unsuitable, the color or style is inconsistent with the description, and the quality of the fabric is not good.Only when the reason for the return is clear and meets the regulations of the return, can it be returned smoothly.

Return process

Before the return, you need to contact the customer service of the sales platform, and inform the reason why the customer service personnel can be recorded and processed accordingly.After confirming the return, the product needs to be sent back to the address specified by the sales platform, and the corresponding logistics information is required to facilitate subsequent processing.

Refund method

After the confirmation of the platform is correct, in general, the refund method will be consistent with the way you originally purchased.For example, Alipay, WeChat payment, bank card payment, etc. need to choose a good refund method when returning.


During the return process, you need to pay attention to the following points:

The original packaging is complete, with all purchase vouchers.

Avoid human flaws.

Ensure the integrity and quality of the refund.

Reading the platform return guidelines and respected the processing opinion of after -sales customer service.

Avoid return

In order to avoid returns, it is recommended to understand and choose your own size, favorite style, and fabrics in advance. Don’t just listen to your friends’ suggestions.In addition, a number of sales platforms and brands compare and screen, and to buy experienced and reputable sexy underwear brands and sales platforms are also the key to avoiding returns.

Conclusion -Returning is also a normal consumption process

Returning is a normal consumption process, but it may also bring us some troubles and disputes.Therefore, when buying and trying to wear sexy underwear, pay attention to sizes, styles, fabrics and other problems to avoid returns.If you really need to return, you must carefully read the return policy and return process, and operate in accordance with regulations to avoid the occurrence of return disputes.Remember, for any consumer, the return rights are deserved, and the platform and manufacturers should also fulfill their obligations to protect the interests of consumers.

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