Where to buy British sex lingerie

1 Introduction

As a kind of sexy and playful underwear, sexy underwear has always been popular.When you think of British sexy underwear, maybe you will ask, "Where to buy is the best choice?"

2. Specialty store

Specialty stores have always been one of the best choices for buying sexy underwear.In the UK, many specialty stores can provide a variety of sexy underwear, and you can try it on in person.Top brands such as Ann Summers, LOVEHONEY, Bluebella, etc. all have their own stores, you may wish to experience it.

3. Online store

Online stores are another good choice to buy British sexy underwear.This method is suitable for those who don’t want to try on or need to maintain privacy.There are many online stores in the UK, such as Lovehoney, Ann Summers, ASOS, Figleaves, La Senza and so on.In this way, you can buy sexy underwear directly through the Internet, and there are various brands and styles to choose from.

4. Supermarket

Although sexy underwear may not be your first choice on the supermarket shopping list, some supermarkets also sell Amazon, ASDA, TESCO, Boots, etc., and even discount on special holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day.If you just want to buy some affordable sexy lingerie, this method is a very good choice.

5. Luxury store

If you want to buy high -level sexy underwear and luxurious pajamas, going to luxury stores is your best choice.Agent Provocateur, a highly popular brand in the UK, is a sexy underwear brand tailored for the top market.This brand has a high reputation worldwide. Therefore, if you want to pursue taste and quality, this is definitely a must -visit.

6. Private formulation

If you want to really appreciate the fun of custom -customized underwear and don’t mind spending a certain price, private customization services are a very good choice.You can design a completely unique sexy underwear according to your needs and preferences.In the UK, there are some high -level custom -custom sexy underwear brands, such as Bordelle and Coco de MER.

7. Rental service

If you just want to wear a new sexy underwear on special occasions, but you don’t want to spend too much money to buy, then the lease service will be a great choice.There are some leasing service providers in the UK, such as My Celeb Dress Hire, The Bird Cage, and Lara Intimates. These service providers provide various brand and style sexy underwear. You can choose a style that suits you to wear it to attend.occasion.

8. Haitao

If you don’t mind waiting for a while, then Haitao’s sexy underwear is also a good choice.You can visit foreign websites, such as Victoria’s Secret, ADORE ME, HIPS & CURES, Yandy, etc. These websites will pass the fun underwear to the UK.Please note that you need to take into account the mailing costs and taxes, as well as the size and style of different countries may be slightly different.

9. Second -hand market

If you want to save expenses, consider buying sexy underwear in the second -hand market is also a good choice.You can find second -hand sexy underwear on platforms such as second -hand stores, eBay, Gumtree. Of course, you need to determine that these sexy underwear has been disinfected and cleaned.If you want to buy second -hand brand -name sexy underwear, it is a better choice to buy in a relatively guaranteed quality and authentic second -hand luxury store.

10. Summary

No matter which way you choose, Britain has a lot of sexy lingerie brands and styles, which can meet the needs of different people and styles.The most important thing is that it is the best choice to try more new brands and styles to find sex underwear that suits you.

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