Which brand of adult sex lingerie

Which brand of adult sex lingerie

1. SexyCity

Celindi is a brand specializing in adults’ sexy lingerie design, production and sales. Adhering to the concept of "interest is not vulgar, but a life attitude", its style uses high -quality fabrics and popular elements, which is doubled by young people.Favorite.In addition to underwear, Cerfani also launched various types of sex toys and sex products.


Aicheng is a brand that integrates men’s and women’s sexy underwear. Its products have launched innovatively designed sexy underwear and sex products for different user needs.Its core products also include some sex products with men and women’s toys, which are highly sought after by young people.

3. Ravelfam

There are many series owned by Rahlan: Korean hot mom series, Japanese loli series, American sexy series, etc. Each series of products is unique, different in style, highlighting sexy, charm, fashion, health and other elements.The slogan of a good sex brand "is loved by users.

4. Silina (Silina)

Siliana’s adults are mainly defined by three keywords: sexy, sexy, and sexy. The brand has a high level of positioning and high price. It is suitable for consumers who are rich in taste, focus on personality, and biased towards high -end.The fabric is delicate and fine, and it is very grade to wear.

5. Meng (miuung)

Meng Weng sexy underwear spans five series: nightclub series, apron series, sheet line series, swimwear series and Doit sandals series. The product style design is avant -garde sexy, the market positioning is young, suitable for young people who are still innovative.

6. Meiziwen

Meizhi’s sexy lingerie is based on the European and American style. Through the various details and lines of dressing, women reflect more sexy and charm.In addition to sexy underwear, the brand also launched a series of accessories that allow customers to emit more temptations and charm.

7. Arctic Fox (Articfox)

The Arctic Fox is a high -end brand specializing in adult sexy underwear, sex products design, production and sales. The main products include various sexy underwear, sex products, toys, and props.It is positioned as a high -end population with unique style and excellent quality. It is loved by consumers such as mainland China.

8. Clear (Kawaii)

The cuteness is a brand of cute style. It reflects a fresh, cute, young, fashionable style, and is loved by the love enthusiasts.The brand mainly operates sexy underwear and sex toys. Its products mainly include various sex products such as pantyhose, bed games, sex cups, butterflies vibrators.

9. Meimengyuan

Mengyuan is a brand that specializes in adult underwear and sex products. Its product research and development team is very young and energetic. It often launch new styles and new products.The product display of Meimengyuan not only reminishes the low -key and elegant temperament, but also shows a cheerful and dynamic atmosphere.

10. Look at the beauty (kanmeiren)

Seeing a beauty is a sexy -style sexy underwear brand, with diverse products and suitable for customers with different needs.In addition to sexy underwear, it also introduced various sex products, such as power -powered alien massage sticks, highly difficult struggle to shake the fitness board, forced high -simulation massage, etc., which has a strong nature.


There are many adults in the market, and each brand has its own characteristics.And choosing sexy underwear is also very important. If you can find a brand that matches yourself, you can not only make yourself comfortable, but also show your charm.

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