Which profit of sex underwear and clothing is large

Which profit of sex underwear and clothing is large

When talking about clothing sales, many people think of traditional clothes styles.However, the sexy underwear industry is becoming more and more popular.So, which one can make more profits compared to traditional clothing?This article will explore this issue from different angles.

price comparison

First of all, we can compare from the price.Obviously, the price of sexy underwear is higher than traditional clothing.This is mainly because sexy underwear has more craftsmanship and material costs.Therefore, if you want to get higher profits from each product, sexy underwear is a better choice.


Next consider competition comparison.In the clothing market, traditional clothing lines are piled up like mountains, so competition is even more intense.Although sexy underwear is also competitive, it is relatively small, so it provides a smaller market competition, so that you can get higher profits at a higher price.

Market demand comparison

At the same time, market demand is also different.Traditional clothing is daily wear, and sexy underwear is more wearing it under specific occasions, such as party, festival, Valentine’s Day, etc.Therefore, the seasonal demand for sex underwear is stronger, and higher pricing and higher profits can be achieved in some periods.

Brand influence comparison

Brand influence is also a factor worth considering.There are many traditional clothing brands, and it is difficult to compete with large brands for small companies.In the sexy underwear market, the number of brands is more limited, and it will be easier to succeed in creating its own brand.

Purchase frequency comparison

Another consideration is the frequency of purchase.People usually refer to the price and quality when buying traditional clothing, but they do not necessarily buy it frequently.Interesting underwear is relatively frequent, because many people are more willing to try new and creative underwear, especially on Valentine’s Day.This also means that you can often make sales opportunities and increase income.

Market development prospects

The prospect of market development is also a factor that needs to be considered.The traditional clothing market has become saturated, while the sexy underwear market still has great growth potential. Especially as the concept of psychological health gradually opens, the sales of the sex underwear industry will continue to grow.This also means that you can get more opportunities and higher profits in the future.

Risk comparison of joining emerging fields

However, there are some risks in sexy underwear.Since it is a relatively new market, it takes more time and resources to build your brand and get a share in the market.This requires more risks and investment.The traditional clothing market is relatively stable, so the risk is less risky.

Compare the requirements for employees

Third, different products need different experiences and skills.Traditional clothing may require more creative design capabilities and the skills to produce streamlined lines.And sexy underwear production requires more handmade skills and skills to communicate and communicate with customers.Depending on your team, the decision of different products may be more suitable for different employees.

Sales option comparison

Finally, there are sales options comparison.For traditional clothing, you can choose to sell products to high -end stores or online sales channels, but in the sexy underwear market, most sales are carried out through online stores.This also requires more Internet sales skills.

in conclusion

In general, sexy underwear and traditional clothing have their own advantages and disadvantages.Considering your business and team, as well as your target market and positioning, you should choose the product type of your and your customers.No matter which type of product you choose, the key is to maintain high quality in the process of design, development and sales, and establish an efficient sales network.Only on this basis can success in the fierce market.

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