Which road in Shanghai sells sexy underwear

Which road in Shanghai sells sexy underwear

With the improvement of openness, our family relationships are becoming more open, and sex and marriage have become more open and open.And sexy underwear has entered our daily life in this context.As we all know, Shanghai is an international metropolis in China. Many people want to know which road in Shanghai sells sexy underwear.This article will provide you with some business districts and stores for you to choose the right shopping location.

1. Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road is the most prosperous commercial street in Shanghai. There are many department stores, specialty stores, duty -free shops and flagship stores.Shopping on Nanjing Road can be said to be very convenient, of course, it also includes buying sexy underwear.For example, Perfect World, Hang Lung Plaza, these large shopping malls, and "100,000 why" and other sexy underwear shops, showing a commercial atmosphere.

2. Xu Jiahui

Xujiahui, as one of the commercial centers in Shanghai, is integrated with a business district, a grocery street, a shopping mall and a shop in the building.Many manufacturers have chosen here as a sales channel in the Shanghai wholesale market.At the same time, Xujiahui also has a specialty sexy underwear store, such as Xizhi Lang.

3. Xintiandi

Xintiandi Business District is a well -known cultural commercial street, which is across the river.Here, you can find various forms of sexy underwear shops, including Exquisite Underwear, etc., which will definitely make you shopping.

4. Zhongshan Park

Commercial streets in this region gathered various shopping malls, becoming one of the important landmarks of Shanghai cities.Many sexy underwear shops can also be found here, such as Sexy Waters.In addition, the number of shopping malls in Zhongshan Park’s business district is also very rich, and it can be shopped in a timely manner sooner or later.

5. Jing’an Temple

Jing’an Temple can be regarded as one of the cultural and commercial centers in Shanghai, and the surrounding area is full of many cafes, specialty shops and boutique shops.In Jing’an Temple, there are not only many sexy underwear shops, but also specialty shops with various cultural culture, such as Pull & Bear.

6. Huaihai Road

Huaihai Road Business District leads Shanghai’s high -end fashion grades and consumption trends.Of course, there are also various high -end sexy underwear shops, such as North Korea ’s production, Designing Underwear.

7. Supermarket

Outside the shopping business circle, many merchants can also buy sexy underwear.Supermarkets such as Carrefour, Darunfa, Wal -Mart, etc. have a certain amount of sexy underwear sales, and at the same time can solve the daily needs in life.

8. E -commerce

Under the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping methods have become very common in this era, and sexy underwear is no exception.Many e -commerce platforms such as JD.com, Taobao and Tmall are frequently purchased. They not only have a wide range of coverage, but also can easily place orders at home.

in conclusion

In short, Shanghai not only has many areas of sexy underwear shops in large and small, but also has a networked and market -oriented sexy underwear sales.However, it is recommended that you understand the situation of the store before buying a sexy underwear. The products that are suitable for your physical characteristics and needs are the best consumer choices.

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