Why are the sexy underwear opened?

Why are the sexy underwear opened?

In the world of sexy underwear, the opening is a very common design. Almost all types of sexy underwear must have the opening style.This makes many people curious. Why is the sexy underwear opened?Here is a mysterious veil for everyone.

1. Increase the fun of sex

The most obvious reason is that the opening design can increase the fun of sex.For couples who like to try freshness and excitement, opening the sexy underwear can well meet their needs and make sex more interesting.

2. More convenient sexual intercourse

Opening gear lingerie can also make sex more convenient.Because this design will expose the genitals, men can be more easily inserted, and women can also be easier to stimulate, which makes sexual intercourse easier and smoother.

3. Convenient for modern women’s health care

Modern women pay more and more attention to hygiene, and the opening of the files can provide them with a convenient solution.Women can replace the sanitary pads at any time or even make convenient bathroom activities without having to take off their underwear completely. This can be more convenient and better protect the health of women.

4. More comfortable dressing experience

Open sexy underwear can also bring a more comfortable dressing experience to the wearer.If you keep wearing during sexual intercourse, the opening design can make women more relaxed, and it can also reduce local friction and friction and increase the comfort of wearing.

5. More visual temptation

There is also an indispensable advantage that the opening of sexy underwear is its high degree of visual temptation.Due to the exposure of the pussy, the open -stall’s sexy underwear can make women more sexy and tempting, which will make men more excited and desire, making sex more exciting.

6. Reasonable price design

Fairy underwear is very common, and the cost of many raw materials is very low, so the cost of manufacturing is not high.This also brings an extra advantage, that is, the price of many sexy lingerie in the gear, which makes more people enjoy this fun.

7. A better design

Another advantage of opening the sexy underwear is that with its own characteristics, creativity has continuously evolved many unique styles, color and pattern design.This presents a more charming and exquisite effect, which can meet people’s different aesthetic needs, and give people different surprises and amazing.

8. Conquering the demands of both sides of gender

In fact, not only do men like women in the fun of opening files, women also like it.On the one hand, in the days when spring flowers and menstrual periods, women will feel very comfortable and relaxed. At the same time, this small sexy can also increase self -confidence.On the other hand, because the opening of sexy underwear can better stimulate the genitals during sexual intercourse, it will also bring more sexual blessings and satisfaction to women.

In general, opening the file is an important design element in sexy underwear, and its role cannot be ignored.Everyone’s needs are different. It is the most important thing to choose a sexy underwear suitable for them.Whether it is to increase fun or convenient sexual intercourse, you can find your own satisfaction in the sexy underwear.

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