Why is there a hole in sex underwear

What is sexy lingerie cave?

Interesting underwear caves refer to one or more small openings designed on normal underwear, usually located in a private part or near the hips.These holes are designed to be designed to increase sexual interest, so that wearers can enjoy the process of sex freely and comfortably.Although the sexy lingerie cave looks like the shape that is deliberately cut or cut in appearance, they are actually carefully designed.

What is the use of sexy underwear caves?

The main purpose of sexy underwear holes is to promote sexual activities and improve interest and sexual satisfaction.They can be used to stimulate sensitive areas or perform intense sexual behavior, while allowing the wearer to maintain a complete comfort and perfect experience.Sex can be carried out without getting rid of sex underwear, which increases interest and fun.

What are the common types of sexy underwear caves?

The sexy lingerie hole is developed by different design teams, so their shapes, size, quantity and location are different.The following are several common type of erotic lingerie holes:

Combining type: This kind of fun underwear hole is usually low, which allows the wearer to maintain the flexibility and sense of freedom in the process of sex, similar to the size and shape of some clingling books types.

Covering type: Caves in this underwear are usually covered in private parts or hips, which can bring the convenience of stimulating or sex when wearing, usually or not include masks.

Special design type: This kind of sexy underwear hole is specially designed, allowing wearers to obtain special types of sex stimulation through their position and size.

More types: There are also some categories that have multiple holes in sexy underwear, some are interconnected and are located in different positions, and others are moving or stretched.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Interesting underwear caves are not suitable for everyone, because each individual wearer has different expectations for comfort and sexual behavior.You can refer to the suggestions of the following institutions or experts:

For those who want to try sex underwear, you can try the holes in a single special location to understand the true comfort and feelings.

If you don’t like to wear hole underwear in sleep and daily activities, you will feel uncomfortable during sexual activity.We suggest, please confirm whether it really meets your comfort standards, or try to choose with your partner.

For people with different sexual preferences or body shape, you can follow specific suggestions to choose the type of sexy lingerie and try it.

What are the cleaning and maintenance methods of sexy underwear caves?

It is very important to keep cleaning and care.The design of sexy underwear holes makes their cleaning and maintenance more challenging, but when you understand the following information, you can easily complete their cleanup and care:

Read the cleaning method provided by the producer and follow the execution.

Unless your sexy underwear is specially designed, use warm water and mild soap to wash, do not rub it with vigorously.

Do not use suction or bleaching.

Put the sexy underwear in a ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight and avoid using a dryer.

How to choose a fun underwear hole that suits you?

Choosing the right sexy lingerie hole can make the sexual activity more pleasant.Not all underwear holes are suitable for everyone, so choosing a lingerie hole that suits you is particularly important.Here are some suggestions for choosing sexy underwear holes:

Considering personal preferences and moisturizing, if you and your partner are gender -sensitive people, choosing a recommended underwear cave category will be safer.

To confirm the comfort of sexy underwear, you can try some practical brands to detect your preferences.

Choose the color and texture that is consistent with your taste.

What are the brands of fun underwear cave?

There are many brands on the market that provide a variety of sexy lingerie holes. The following are some well -known brands in the market: occupying a certain position in the market:

Lelo: Lelo is one of the most well -known sexy underwear brands in the market. Their underwear holes are located in an appropriate position and provide a variety of new stimulators to expand the stimulating area.

Lovehoney: Lovehoney provides a variety of sexy lingerie holes, from the comfortable gap in the package to more unique positions.

Adam & EVE: Adam & EVE is another well -known erotic underwear brand. Their underwear caves have been thoughtful to keep the wearer feel comfortable.

Can sexy lingerie caves have a negative impact on the body?

Fun underwear holes have no direct negative effects.However, if it is not cleaned and maintained, it will cause potential threats to health, such as epidemic diseases such as infection.In addition, if you are uncomfortable, trying to wear in daily wear will make your sex experience uncomfortable.

in conclusion

Fun underwear cave is a unique and interesting innovation that can bring more sexual stimulus to many consumers.Many different factors should be considered before using sexy underwear caves to ensure that they can be used normally without affecting the body and comfort.If it is used and keeps clean, the fun underwear cave will become a interesting way to stimulate and increase the virtual sex experience.

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