Why is it only a few yuan in sex lingerie

Why is it only a few yuan in sex lingerie

When shopping on major e -commerce platforms, you noticed that some sexy underwear is very low, and you can have only a few yuan.Why is this price so cheap?The following will explain this problem from multiple aspects.

Material costs

First of all, the cost of sexy underwear must include the cost of raw materials.If the quality of the underwear is high and the material selection is better, the cost will naturally increase accordingly.However, some cheap erotic underwear will choose poor quality materials, such as recycling fiber and chemical fiber to reduce costs, which will also lead to low price.

Labor cost

Secondly, the production of sexy underwear needs to be used as a cost, and superb craftsmanship and skills will reduce this cost as much as possible.Of course, for those cheap erotic underwear, production may be used with low labor costs, which will also reduce production costs.

Brand power consumption

The impact of the brand also needs to be considered.It is reasonable to increase the price of sexy underwear for well -known brands, because the brand needs to invest more costs, and it is better in quality and packaging.In contrast, small manufacturers like many sex underwear sales platforms will generate greater price pressure and competition, thereby reducing their prices to seize market share.

Market demand pricing

In addition, the price of sexy underwear is also the result of market demand and pricing mechanism.If these cheap erotic underwear can meet consumer expectations and needs, then they must have certain market demand, and manufacturers will appropriately reduce prices to obtain more sales, thereby promoting market share improvement.

Overseas supply channels

There is also a problem with the supply channel of sexy underwear.The high -quality manufacturers of imported sexy underwear may sell sexy underwear through reasonable channels without worrying about the costs and wear and wear of customs clearance in customs customs clearance.Merchants of this production and supply method will have a certain price advantage.

Low -paying stores paying attention to sales are low

In contrast, some stores that focus on sales may reduce the profit margin, but when the number of sales cannot be overwhelmed, they will use the price as a bargain to attract more shopping groups into the store.Therefore, this lack of profit and the decline in the price of sexy underwear that is conducive to the same quality is possible.

Quality issues

However, the quality of cheap erotic underwear may also become a problem.Because of the low price, many merchants may use inferior raw materials to reduce costs, leading to poor quality of sexy underwear, and even bring hidden dangers of health and health and harm consumers’ interests.

In general, the low price of sexy underwear is related to its raw material costs, labor costs, supporting categories, brand premiums, market demand pricing and supplier channels.However, it should be noted that low -cost underwear is not necessarily poor quality. Everyone needs to pay attention to comparative choices to ensure that you can buy suitable sexy underwear.


Although there are many sexy lingerie prices cheap, in order to enjoy better services and high quality, consumers should choose some guaranteed brands or manufacturers.Perhaps such fun underwear looks a bit higher, but their inherent value and health guarantee are priceless.

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