Wife’s sexy underwear before bedtime

Why is it important

Interest underwear is a good way to make your wife feel sexy and charming.This underwear can make her feel self -indulgence, and then increase her sexual desire.If you want to increase the degree of intimacy between your husband and wife, sexy underwear will be a good initial point.

How to choose sexy underwear

Before choosing a sexy underwear, you need to determine the comfortable size of your wife.You can get accurate size by measuring waist, hip and bust.In addition, you should choose underwear that is consistent with your wife’s figure, which is very important.

Falling underwear style and material

There are many different styles and materials in sex underwear.The most common styles include three -point style, open panties on the buttocks, two -piece strap type, and so on.When choosing a style, you should choose a style suitable for your body and gender characteristics.The material should be comfortable and quality fabric.

Color choice

Color can be an important factor affecting emotions.Choosing the appropriate color can make her feel more sexy and confident.Dark red, black, and purple are the first choice for women who pursue gorgeous women.

When will we wear sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not necessarily just worn on the bed, or you can wear it in normal times.If your wife needs to improve her self -confidence, then on some special occasions, such as gatherings, dating, and elements, underwear is a good choice.

Falling underwear maintenance

Interest underwear should be treated carefully as precious clothes.First, the washing instructions should be followed.Secondly, you should wash it by hand or choose the right washing machine program.Finally, in order to extend the life of the underwear, it should be kept dry and avoid putting pressure on it.

How to wear sexy underwear

Sex underwear should be matched with some suitable accessories.Such as high heels, stockings, lace gloves, necklace, etc.These accessories can increase the sexy effect of underwear.

How to use sexy sheets moderately

Sex underwear should be used moderately.If you always wear sexy underwear in bed, it will lose its effect.The correct approach is to wear underwear when choosing when the situation is appropriate.


When adding the intimacy between husband and wife with sex underwear, it is necessary to notice effective communication between husband and wife.Do not think that underwear is the only way, but should be regarded as a means to increase interest.


Make your wife in sexy underwear are indeed a good way to increase the taste of husband and wife.But please note that sexy underwear is just a means to increase the degree of intimacy. We still need to conduct effective communication to maintain the relationship between husband and wife.

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