Women’s sexy underwear goes light

Women’s sexy underwear goes light

Women’s underwear is one of the tools for showing charm, and sexy underwear is a fashion that highlights sexy and teasing.However, the problem of glowing when wearing sexy underwear also embarrassed women.How can I completely solve the problem of sexy underwear?Next, we will discuss it.

Select the importance of size

Whether the underwear size is appropriate or not is one of the keys to avoid glowing.Under normal circumstances, women tend to choose underwear with a smaller size than their actual size in order to achieve the purpose of showing their tightness and showing their bodies to the people around them.But in fact, this approach is not desirable.Too small underwear will not only cause damage to health, but also easy to slide will also cause you to lose your dignity inadvertently.

How to use the correct use of straps

The underwear tie reveals many women’s secrets when they go.A common misunderstanding is that the buttons use the last button as much as possible.Because the underwear itself is not designed to become a head and light, this method of use will obviously lead to glowing during the operation.A good solution is to choose the right underwear when choosing underwear. Good underwear rarely takes light.

The impact of the choice of materials on the light

The choice of materials has a vital impact on the sense of fit of the underwear.For example, if you choose too smooth materials, it is difficult to avoid the occurrence of light even if you use sticky chest stickers.And if you choose a moderate texture, the possibilities may be greatly reduced after selecting the appropriate size.

The use of sticky chest stickers

The sticky chest sticker is the first choice for many women to avoid glowing, but improper use may also lead to glowing.Pay attention to many details when using the sticky chest sticker. For example, the skin around the chest should be cleaned and cleaned before use, and there must be a gap around the chest to help the playback.In addition, friendship reminds that most of the easy -to -use methods of advertising are mostly the video effect of cutting sticky chest stickers. Please pay attention when using.

The matching problem of skirt and underwear

The contrast between short skirts or shorts and underwear is one of the details of women’s wear.But in fact, the combination of Le more tight or the skirt is too short, which can easily lead to glowing underwear, affecting his image and going out.Therefore, after choosing under underwear size, you must also try to choose a slightly longer length for your own downfall to avoid inconvenience caused by the problem -matching problems.

Underwear selection during exercise

Different exercise requires different underwear support, so it is also important to wear suitable underwear during exercise.For example, it is best to wear a sports -type sports underwear that can provide better support. In the stretching movement, some materials are needed to achieve the guarantee of comfort.

Protection of laundry methods for personal underwear materials

We usually treat underwear as ordinary clothes for laundry. If we do not pay attention to laundry problems with the details of underwear, the materials are easily damaged, and it may even cause light to occur.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a style that is easy to wash when buying underwear.At the same time, as for the privacy of underwear, the maintenance method of independent hand washing can be adopted to extend the life of underwear.

Underwear age use problem

Underwear, like other clothes, has the problem of service life.When choosing to buy underwear, even if it is low -cost products, try to choose a very good underwear with a good process and fabric.Otherwise, the underwear is easily damaged in daily wear, which will lead to unnecessary light.


The embarrassment of the light incident gave us a better chance of grasping the underwear details.In order to understand and consider size, basic details, materials, matching, age, etc., we can make our wear more comfortable, and feel the distance from self -confidence and beauty from the heart.

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