Women’s sexy underwear students

Women’s sexy underwear students

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is an indispensable part of today’s women in sex, especially in young student groups.There are many types of sexy underwear, but how to choose the right underwear is a headache for many people.This article will introduce some types of sexy underwear and purchase suggestions to young students to help them choose suitable and sexy underwear.

2. Sex underwear type

Interest underwear is generally divided into four categories, including front -opening underwear, back -opening underwear, full -opening underwear and lace underwear.The front -opening underwear is also known as the underwear, which has the characteristics of easy to wear and take off; the back -opening underwear has a opening on the back, which is very visual impact;Suitable for fun to play; lace underwear is characterized by lace, sexy and feminine.

3. The type suitable for different bodies

The type of sexy underwear suitable for women with different figures is also different.Women with thinner figures are suitable for personal underwear, which can reveal their curves; women with plump figures are suitable for bra and underwear -type underwear, which can have the effect of breasts and hips; for big breasts, triangular underwear and breast enhancement underwearThey are all good choices.

4. The importance of material

The material of sexy underwear is essential for comfort and dressing.Both cotton and silk are easy to clean and maintain, breathable and comfortable; polyester and nylon fabrics are more suitable for making lace and transparent underwear. It is easy to cause skin allergies to make personal underwear.

5. Selection of color

Color is also an important factor that needs to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.Black underwear is the most common color and one of the most passionate colors. It is suitable for most women. Although the pink underwear is more delicate in color, it also has a soft and sexy charm; red underwear is the most common color among sexy women.Propher the feeling of sex.

6. Issues that need attention when buying

Pay attention to the following issues when buying sexy underwear.The first is the size problem. Generally, the size of the sexy underwear is smaller than that of ordinary underwear, and you need to pay special attention to the size of the size.The sexy effect will be greatly reduced.

7. Daily maintenance of sexy underwear

Interest underwear also requires daily maintenance to extend its life and maintain sexy and hygienic.It should be noted that sexy underwear needs to be washed separately and cannot be wired with force.At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to avoiding direct daily maintenance methods such as direct sunlight and high temperature drying.

8. Sexy underwear wearing skills

Even the most sexy underwear, if you don’t wear it, it will disrupt the sexy effect.First of all, you should pay attention to the timing and place of wearing. It is best to wear it in a romantic night or idle private space. The second is wearing skills, such as it can be matched with high -heeled shoes, belts, knee -knee socks, improve beauty, and so on.

9. Conclusion

It is very important to choose suitable underwear in sex life, which can not only increase interest, but also improve physical confidence.When choosing underwear, you need to pay attention to materials, color, size and other problems, and do not ignore the daily maintenance of underwear.The most important thing is that no matter what type of underwear you choose, you must choose a underwear that conforms to your own body and personality to maintain your body and mind.

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