Wuhan Sexy Lingerie Hotel Address Tel

Wuhan Sexy Lingerie Hotel Address Tel

What is a sex lingerie hotel?

Interesting underwear Hotel is a special place that integrates sexy underwear sales and hotel accommodation services.They usually provide a series of sex products and underwear and other products, and to a certain extent with a more private and warm accommodation environment.Here, you can buy the sexy underwear you want, or you can experience the sex life while buying.

The advantages of Wuhan sex lingerie hotel

Wuhan’s Infusion Underwear Hotel has been loved by the vast number of interesting enthusiasts with its high -quality services and cost -effectiveness.These sexy underwear hotels are very superior in terms of location and facilities, and the price is relatively affordable.In addition, these hotels will provide some special services, such as sexual product consultation to meet the needs of different customers.

The address and telephone of the Wuhan Sexy Lingerie Hotel

Here is the address and telephone number of several Wuhan sex lingerie hotels for you to query when you need:

1. Yongxue Culture Hotel: Address: 708 residential buildings along the street, Hankou Beijing Road; Tel: 027-85787796.

2. Secret Garden Sex Topic Hotel: Address: No. 4, No. 4, No. 4, No. 4, No. 4, No. 4, No. 26, Jinsheng International Building, No. 26, Jianghan Road; Tel: 027-83133813.

3. Fairy Fairy Funny Theme Hotel: Address: No. 682, Hankou Jiefang Avenue (4th floor of Luoyi Supermarket); Tel: 027-87211116.

Recommendation of Wuhan sex lingerie hotel

According to customer evaluation and feedback, the following are several recommended Wuhan sex lingerie hotels:

1. Butterfly Love Flower Hotel, the hotel is excellent, the room is warm and romantic, and underwear and sexual products can be purchased in one stop.Address: Hongjiefang, Malang Road, Wuchang District; Tel: 027-85839052.

2. Seaguro Hotel, the hotel has a sex -themed room in the hotel, providing high -quality products and professional customer service personnel to provide guidance services.Address: No. 38, GEM of Optics Valley in Qingshan District; Tel: 027-87776480.

3. Dream fun theme hotel, the hotel’s service is very thoughtful, and the guest rooms can meet the needs of different customers after sophisticated layout.Address: 16th floor D, No. 4, Jianghan Road, Jianghan District, Jianghan District; Tel: 13907177363.

The price and booking method of Wuhan sex lingerie hotel

The price of Wuhan sex underwear hotel is relatively close to ordinary hotels.Generally speaking, the variance of the types of sex products and service quality in different hotels is not particularly large. Even in the same hotel, the price is only about tens of yuan or even lower.Like other hotels, the booking method can be reserved online or phone appointments on major booking websites.

Regulations of Wuhan Foise Lingerie Hotel

When staying in Wuhan’s Info Underwear Hotel, everyone should comply with the following regulations:

1. Do not bring any supplies, facilities and sex products in the hotel away from the hotel;

2. During the check -in, you must not rent or transfer the hotel room to the third party in private;

3. When using hotel equipment, do not invest too much and affect the tranquility of other residents.

The service items of Wuhan sex lingerie hotel

In addition to providing sexy underwear and supplies, Wuhan’s sexy underwear hotel will also provide some additional service items, such as::

1. Customization and personalized consulting services for men and women;

2. Questy life audiovisual display;

3. Interest theme party.

Customer Evaluation of Wuhan Sexy Underwear Hotel

Wuhan’s sex lingerie hotel has been well received by customers.Many people praise the environment and service quality of these hotels in the comments.At the same time, their prices are also very close to the people compared to other hotels, and the blessing of special services has become the first choice for many love enthusiasts.


Wuhan is one of the many cities in sex lingerie hotels, with affordable prices and high -quality services.I hope that this article can provide you with information about Wuhan’s sexy lingerie hotel, and choose a sexy lingerie hotel that suits you, and then start a different, wonderful sex journey!

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