Xi’an fake sexy linger shop address

Background introduction

Recently, some media reports said that there is a sexy underwear shop on a commercial street in Xi’an that is selling fake goods, which not only deceives consumers’ money, but also damages the market economy order.Let’s take a look at the specific situation of this store.

In -shop site

The store’s store is located in a commercial street in Xi’an. The facade is small and exquisite, showing a variety of sexy underwear. The lights in the store are dim, making people feel a little weird.

Followed goods appear frequently

Some customers found that after buying sexy underwear, the goods did not match the actual display situation, and the quality was very poor.The clerk escaped the return for various reasons and refused to provide consumers with certification documents.

Sales method illegal

Interest underwear is adult products. The store should follow relevant regulations for quality inspection and sales.However, the actual situation is that the store has not conducted any review of sales of sexy underwear, and it is exactly the current trend -oriented sales.

Unlicensed operation

This store not only deceives consumers, but also suspected of operating illegal operations.According to relevant regulations, sales of sexy underwear must obtain relevant business licenses and health test certificates.However, the shop did not disclose any relevant certification materials, and unlicensed operations were exposed.

Consumer Rights Maintenance

Because the sales behavior of the store is fraud, customers can safeguard their consumption rights through relevant legal channels.Consumers can insist on defending their rights and let merchants pay their due price.

Consumers’ self -precautions

Although the laws and regulations that guarantee consumer rights and interests are very complete, self -prevention is the most important for consumers.When spending sexy underwear, be sure to buy it at regular merchants, and verify the brand and quality of buying goods to avoid being deceived.

Lack of industry supervision

This incident also reflects that the internal supervision of the sex underwear industry is seriously insufficient, and various violations of laws and regulations are very common.Therefore, we need to call on the relevant departments to strengthen industry management, severely crack down on various types of violations, and make consumers’ shopping more assured.

Social ethics

Finally, we must also improve the moral quality of citizens, enterprises and institutions, make the parties act more fair and transparent in the market economy, and build a healthier and orderly market environment.


The sexy underwear industry has now become a very popular product in the market today, and it has also attracted many merchants to compete for market share.However, while the development of the industry also requires comprehensive management and standardized guidance in all aspects to make the market environment healthier, consumers are more assured, and merchants are more transparent.

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