Xi’an Fun Underwear Wholesale Market

Xi’an sexy underwear wholesale market introduction

Xi’an is a cities with a long history, and also have a dynamic market economy. Among them, the love lingerie wholesale market is even more famous.In the ancient capital of Xi’an, the sexy underwear wholesale market is distributed in different business districts, and the product styles are diverse and reasonable.Let’s introduce them one by one.

Large Market -Fun Underwear Wholesale Stall Concentration Area

The Dajie Market is located in Chang’an District of Xi’an. There are many sexy underwear brands, covering major well -known brands at home and abroad.Both styles and colors are very rich, and the price is relatively affordable, which has attracted a large number of merchants and dealers to come to buy.

Guangji Market -Complete brand types

Guangji Market is located in Xincheng District of Xi’an City, adjacent to the scenic spots such as the bell tower, the Gulou and the South Gate.The sexual underwear brands here are complete. Whether it is European and American style, Japanese coquettish, or Korean fresh, there are everything.

Jinhua Market, Weiyang District -specialized in boutique underwear

The Jinhua Market of Weiyang District is a community that specializes in sexy underwear. The merchants here are mainly boutique underwear. While ensuring the quality, the style is also very fashionable and unique.

Electronic City Interchange Center -Cartoon Fun Underwear Monopoly Monopoly

The Electronic City Interchange Center is located in the Xi’an High -tech Development Zone. It is mainly operating electronic products, while the sexy underwear store is a more special merchant in this place.They mainly operate cartoons, which are very suitable for young people to buy.

Hongmiaopo wholesale market -complete supply is complete

Hongmiaopo Wholesale Market is located in Yanta District of Xi’an. There are not only sexy underwear stores of various brands, but also many small vendors.The supply is complete, the price is affordable, and often attracts a large number of merchants.

Changlefang Wholesale Market -Mainly Adult Products

Changlefang Wholesale Market is located in Beilin District, Xi’an. The sexy underwear stores here are mainly adult products.In addition to sexy underwear, there are more private adult products here to buy.

Xiaoyan Pagoda, Beilin District -Gathering high -end brands

The Xiaoyan Pagoda of Beilin District is also a business district, which is mainly interesting underwear brands. Many high -end brands are gathered here, and it is favored by the majority of merchants with quality customs clearance and styles.

High -tech Zone Science and Technology Consumer City -mainly cross -border e -commerce

The high -tech consumer city is mainly based on cross -border e -commerce. Here, many international brands of sexy underwear are gathered. In addition to affordable prices, good products, and the characteristics of buying and sending, they are very popular with merchants.

Near Afang Palace -small sexy underwear custom store

There are some small erotic underwear customized shops near the Afang Palace. These stores are mainly high -end customized and personalized services. It is very suitable for those who have special needs to buy sexy underwear.

General point of view

Xi’an’s sexy underwear wholesale market is widely distributed, covering various business districts, and the brand, style, and prices are also very complete.As long as you have a need, you can definitely find a sexy underwear that suits you.Whether you want to buy or wholesale, you can find a suitable product here.

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