Xie Yilin bought sexy underwear

Xie Yilin’s sexy underwear bought

Xie Yilin is a very famous actress. Her fashion taste is loved by many people.In some of her performances, we can also see the scene of her wearing sexy lingerie, which is amazing.So, what kind of sexy underwear has Xie Yilin bought?Let’s understand together.

Black lace temptation

Xie Yilin often attended at some party activities. She wore a black lace sexy underwear and couldn’t help laughing.Such underwear can highlight the body curve and make the figure more enchanting and charming.At the same time, the black design also has a sense of mystery, which is daunting.

Transparent lace style

In addition to the classic black classic match, the sexy underwear design of transparent lace is also one of Xie Yilin’s favorite.The transparent design not only maintains the mystery of women, but also sexy temptation.Moreover, transparent materials are more in line with the aesthetic concept of modern women.

Lace with shoulder strap design

In a fashion show, Xie Yilin wore a sexy underwear with a shoulder strap design, which was amazing.Such a design can better improve the lines of women’s shoulders and make the figure more perfect.At the same time, the combination of lace also makes the underwear full of fashion.

Sexy models on the chest

In a movie, Xie Yilin was dressed in charming erotic underwear.This sexy underwear uses the design of the chest, highlighting Xie Yilin’s curve beauty.Moreover, such styles are more suitable for female friends to show their beautiful figure.

Sexy vest design

In addition to some traditional sexy lingerie styles, Xie Yilin also likes to wear some sexy vest styles.Such a design can better show women’s clavicle lines, making the shoulders and arms look more charming.At the same time, simple design can also make people feel restrained without losing charm.

Small fresh sportswear

If you think that sexy underwear is only sexy and tempting, then you are wrong.Xie Yilin likes some small fresh and sports -style sexy underwear. Such styles pay more attention to personality and comfort.Moreover, the design of sports style is also more energetic.

Black and white contrasting design

In addition to a single color, Xie Yilin will also choose some black and white sexy underwear.The design of black and white splicing is both fashionable and sexy.At the same time, the combination of black and white colors is more likely to be reminiscent of some classic fashion elements.

White lady style

In some solemn occasions, Xie Yilin will choose some white lady -style sexy underwear.Such styles have a certain elegant temperament, which is not sexy and solemn.Moreover, white is also a color that is very suitable in summer.

Red Classic Design

Classic red is always reminiscent of some seductive scenes.Xie Yilin also likes to wear red classic sexy underwear. This design pays more attention to the body’s curvature and makes women more sexy.


Xie Yilin’s fun underwear style has obvious personal characteristics.Her fashion taste is not only reflected in wearing outside, but also on underwear choices.For all female friends, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can not only improve self -confidence, but also make yourself more charming.

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