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Xie Yu’s sexy lingerie wear

As a well -known fashion blogger, Xie Yu has always received widespread attention with his avant -garde wear style.Recently, she has begun to show her sexy lingerie to fans, and many people have been inspired by this.Below, we will look at Xie Yu’s sexy lingerie through a series of pictures.

Black corset with jeans

In this group of photos, Xie Yu wore a black corset, a long denim jacket outside, and wore hair -edged jeans.She will write a "LOVER" sexy underwear well. This combination will not look too explicit, and has a unique sense of fashion.

White sex underwear with a half -body skirt

This set of white sexy underwear with a skirt is quite interesting.Xie Yu chose a splicing sexy underwear, exposed a part of her chest, with a blue skirt, giving a fresh and eye -catching feeling.

Red color love underwear with a suit jacket

In this group of photos, Xie Yu wore a red sexy underwear and a black suit jacket.This combination looks very eye -catching and will not make people feel too exposed.This is a good dating.

Pink sexy underwear with knitted cardigan

This set of sexy underwear is quite feminine.Xie Yu chose a pink sexy underwear with a dark gray knitted cardigan. The upper body looked very gentle, while a pair of denim shorts were put below, highlighting the healthy side.This is a style that is very suitable for spring and summer.

Gray corset with white shirt

This gray corset is directly under the white shirt, making the overall dress look too explicit.With a khaki skirt, Xie Yu showed a kind of intellectual and elegant temperament, which is a style suitable for different occasions such as going to office or dating.

Black corset with a perspective jacket

This combination is very sexy.Xie Yu chose a red perspective jacket with a black corset directly, and below showed stripes of loose pants.This is a style that is very suitable for going to bar or party and nightclubs.

Pink sexy underwear with black and white striped suit pants

This sexy underwear is extraordinary fashionable.Xie Yu chose a pink sexy underwear, paired with a black neutral style fun jacket, and put on a pair of black and white striped suit pants.Such a style is suitable for self -confident and capable professional women.

White erotic underwear with ripped jeans

This is a way full of wear from the street.Xie Yu chose a simple white sexy underwear, paired with a pair of ripped jeans, the shape was very clean, revealing a bit of stabbing atmosphere.

Red color love underwear with red suit pants

This set of dresses is very, very hot.The whole set of clothes showed a bright red tone.Xie Yu chose an off -the -shoulder red sexy underwear, paired with a neutral wind -long coat, and a red suit pants on the lower body.Such styles are suitable for those unscrupulous fashion women.

Pink sexy underwear

Finally, let’s take a look at Xie Yu wearing a set of pink and sexy underwear.This set of sexy underwear is very sweet. With a pair of shorts, it will not look too sexy, and sexy comes from the "little secret" exposed by sexy lingerie.The whole set of clothes reminds people of summer refreshing and comfortable.


Xie Yu’s sexy underwear was very inspired. She explained how to wear sexy, but she didn’t seem too exposed.Each of her combination is worth our learning.No matter what kind of erotic lingerie, you need to choose carefully and the appropriate combination.I believe that you have learned some wearing skills more or less by watching Xie Yu’s wearing photos, which helps you wear more confidently to wear sexy underwear.

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