Zheng Shuang sexy underwear advertising atlas


Zheng Shuang is one of the highly anticipated female stars at the moment. Her delicate face and keen fashionable vision have become the criminals of many young women, especially the sexy underwear industry practitioners.At the same time, sex underwear, as a very private dress, is getting more and more attention from young women.

Sexy series

In this series, there will always be some sexy elements, such as lace and red.Some of these styles are designed as a sense of loneliness and elegance coexisting, which can be described as another presentation of "sexy".One of the most popular styles is a black jacket with lace pattern. The design of the chest is very tempting.

Cute series

In this series, cute elements are indispensable.A large number of fresh colors such as pink and blue.One of the most popular styles is a set of bear comics. The design of this sexy lingerie baseball cap, gloves and pajamas is very cute.

Psychedelic series

In this series, the design style is avant -garde and has some psychedelic elements.There are many lace inlaid with sequins, or complex embroidery.One of the most popular styles is a set of pink color sexy underwear. The top is a red diamond chain, and there are some sequins inlaid with small crystals on the chest.

Classic Black Series

The people in this series are those young women who want to be sexy and fashionable.This series uses a large number of blacks and adds some lace and other accessories, making the entire series more charming.One of the most popular styles is a black mood lace sexy underwear, which looks both sexy and textured.

Seaside vacation series

In this series, the designer’s inspiration comes from a holiday life.Mainly loose pajamas and brisk erotic underwear make you feel on the sunny beach.One of the most popular styles is a black dress composed of delicate embroidery and lace.

Creative series

This series incorporates a lot of interesting ideas and design inspiration.Including very creative clothing and some complex settings, such as black corset, its boots and gloves have complex devices such as gears.One of the most popular styles is a chain armor similar to warriors.

Tulle series

In this series, some transparent tulle materials have become the focus.Types use the changes of light and shadow to create a effect that is almost dreamy.One of the most popular styles is a set of sexy underwear similar to priests, which looks full of mystery.

Underwear accessories series

There are many different types of accessories in this series, such as suspenders, robes, silk gloves, and so on.These accessories can make the entire set more fashionable and also make women more comfortable.

Elegant series

This series is a real noble temperament. It uses less accessories, mainly because of some simple -style sexy underwear design.Although it is a simpler design, temperament and taste are more wonderful.One of the most popular styles is a white LACE jacket, which is unique and intoxicated.


There are many classifications of sexy underwear, which is a different response to consumer demand.Each of the styles shown by Zheng Shuang’s sexy underwear advertising map has its unique design concepts and expression methods, which can better meet the preferences and needs of different people.