Laoski sexy underwear

Introduce Laoski sexy underwear brand

Laoski lingerie brand originated from the Netherlands, aiming to allow women to have more various styles, sexy and stylish underwear options.The brand was founded in the 1980s and has now become one of the world’s well -known sexy underwear brands.

The design style of Laoski sex lingerie

The design style of Laoski lingerie is bold, fashionable and sexy, and almost every one is full of teasing elements.The brand focuses on the body’s body curve, and designed a more fitted underwear. At the same time, high -performance materials are used, and the comfort and breathability are also fully guaranteed.

The style classification of old Schi sexy underwear

There are many styles of Laoski’s sexy underwear, which are suitable for sexy underwear, sexy underwear, pajamas and bras that are suitable for different occasions.Among them, it is the most well -known in erotic underwear. The brand’s sexy lingerie styles are diverse and the colors are very rich, including almost all colors.

Old Schki’s fabric selection

The fabric of Laoski lingerie is very sophisticated. Most of the sexy lingerie uses comfortable cotton, lace, mesh, silk, silk and other fabrics, which is more in line with the principles of ergonomic engineering, comfortable and soft, and rich in texture.

Laoski sex underwear range

The size of Laoski lingerie is very wide, covering the size from XS to XXXL.The brand is committed to allowing every woman to find their satisfactory underwear. No matter what your body is, you can find a style that suits you in Laoski lingerie.

The price positioning of Laoski sex lingerie

The price positioning of Laoski lingerie is relatively high, and the price range is between $ 20 and $ 300.It is worth mentioning that the brand’s underwear is very high and the fabric is also very particular, so the price is relatively high.

The purchase channel of Laoski sex underwear

The purchase channels for Laoski sex underwear are very extensive. You can buy through the official website, major e -commerce platforms, and offline physical stores. Consumers can choose according to their own purchase habits.

The care method of Laoski sexy underwear

The nursing method of Laoski’s sexy underwear is relatively simple. Generally, hand washing machines can be washed, but be careful not to clean it without the water temperature to avoid deformation or damage of underwear.

Whether Laoski sex underwear is suitable for daily wear

The style of Laoski’s sexy underwear is too sexy and exposed, it is not suitable for daily wear, and it is more suitable for wearing in special occasions.If women like the style of Laoski, you may wish to choose some more conservative sexy underwear for attempts.

The applicable crowd of Laosie

The applicable crowd of Laoski lingerie is women who love fashion and sexy, or women who want to improve their image on special occasions.In addition, the brand image of Laoski lingerie is relatively high -end, and it is also suitable for consumers who are pursuing brand positioning.


Laoski Lover is a very fashionable, sexy underwear brand, which is very suitable for wearing in specific occasions.But for daily wear, it is recommended to choose some more conservative underwear styles.Of course, this does not affect the outstanding performance of Laoski’s erotic underwear in terms of brand image, design style, and material quality.

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