Where can I sell sexy underwear in Thailand

Thailand is a famous tourist destination, and its specialty products are also loved by tourists.As a popular cultural product, sexy underwear is also very popular in Thailand.So, where can I buy the best sexy underwear in Thailand?Here, I will introduce you.

1. Local market in Thailand

The local market in Thailand is a good place to buy rich types of sexy underwear.You can find many small vendors in the market, and they sell some affordable sexy underwear.However, buying sexy underwear on the market needs to pay attention to safety issues, because such products may not be checked by quality.

2. Shopping mall

The mall is another good place to buy sexy underwear.In Thailand’s malls, you can find many internationally renowned brands.These shops have been strictly inspected and the quality of goods sells.Of course, the prices of these products are also more expensive.

3. Night Market

Thai night market is a good choice for buying sexy underwear.The night market is open at night, selling all kinds of products.You can find different types of sexy underwear in the night market. The prices of these products are relatively cheap and the quality is guaranteed.

4. Online shopping

If you have tools for credit cards and online payment, then online shopping is the best choice for buying sex underwear.On the Internet, you can easily browse many products, and you can compare the price and quality.At the same time, the convenience and privacy of online shopping are also favored by many people.

5. Spring Products Store

The sex shop specialty store is a shop for some professional sales of sex products and sexual cultural products.In these shops, you can find various fancy sexy underwear.The products sold by these stores have been strictly inspected and quality is guaranteed.

6. Discount shop

There are many discount stores in Thailand, which provide a lot of cheap products.Sexy underwear is also one of the popular products of these shops.If you want to save some costs, then discount shops are a good choice.

7. Store around Thailand attractions

When visiting Thailand’s attractions, you can buy many local products.Interest underwear is also one of them, because these products are very popular in the local area.Buying sexy underwear around the attractions, you can feel the local style at the same time.

8. Shopping center

Thailand has a lot of shopping malls, and there are many different types of shops inside these shopping malls.In these shopping malls, you can find many mid -to -high -end brand sexy underwear.Of course, the prices of these products are relatively expensive, but the malls also provide a lot of discounts and preferential activities.

9. Night Club

The nightclub is usually where young people gather, and the products sold in the nightclub are often unique.Therefore, it is also a good choice to buy sexy underwear in Thailand’s nightclub.

10. Private customization

The last choice is private customization.If you want a set of personalized sexy underwear, then private customization is the best choice for you.Privately customized erotic underwear styles, unique fancy, and different prices.

All in all, in Thailand, there are many options for buying sexy underwear.Each purchase method has its advantages and disadvantages.Therefore, you should choose the way to buy the most suitable for your purchase according to your needs and budgets.

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