Sexy underwear sports

Sexy underwear sports

Interest underwear is no longer considered just sexy clothing, it can also be worn with various sports.Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, Tai Chi Yoga enthusiast or running enthusiasts, you can maintain comfort and sexy while wearing sexy underwear.This article will introduce the use of sexy underwear in exercise, as well as some suggestions and precautions.

1. Elastic fabric

One of the most important elements in exercise is elastic fabrics.The same is true of sexy underwear.Choosing materials with good elasticity can ensure comfort and exercise freedom.Common elastic materials include elastic fiber, natural latex and spandex.These materials can help underwear to follow the body dynamic change without affecting your movement performance.

2. breathability

A lot of sweat during exercise, so the breathability of sexy underwear is also important.Underwear without breathability will be uncomfortable, fever and uncomfortable.And breathable sexy underwear can quickly sweat and keep the body dry and refreshing.Common breathability materials include cotton, silk, and mesh.

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3. Connection

The connection is the most prone to wear in underwear.The same is true of underwear in exercise.Choosing a well -structured sexy underwear can reduce the chance of wear and break at the connection.In addition, reasonable connections can also improve the durability and comfort of underwear.

4. Support

Another important factor in sex underwear is its support ability.A good support system is required during exercise, which can help relieve the tension and discomfort of the chest.Therefore, choosing a sexy underwear with good support function will make you more comfortable in exercise.According to the size and shape of the bra, select different types of sexy underwear to achieve different degrees of support.

5. Comfortable to wear

Whether it is during exercise or normal life, the comfort of sexy underwear is very important.Both hard materials and unskilled underwear are not options, but should choose soft and comfortable underwear, so that you can make you more comfortable when you wear, thereby focusing on your energy and achieving better goals.

6. Suitable for different occasions

We need to wear different erotic underwear on different occasions.For example, underwear suitable for wearing at home may not be suitable for wearing in the gym, because their design and functions are different.Choose sexy underwear suitable for different occasions to maintain comfort and sexy.

7. Keep cleaning

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Through daily maintenance, you can ensure the cleaning, hygiene and quality of sexy underwear.When underwear is contaminated or deforms, they are no longer suitable for sportswear.Clean according to the washing instructions and properly handle deformed or damaged underwear.

8. Color selection

Finally, when choosing color, in addition to personal preferences, you also need to consider the characteristics of occasions and personal skin.For example, when exercising during the day, choosing dark underwear may be more suitable because it does not reveal sweat and discomfort.In addition, you need to compare multiple colors as much as possible before you can make the final choice.

In summary, the use of sexy underwear in exercise needs to consider factors such as comfort, breathability, elasticity, support, and color.Choose the right sexy underwear to keep you sexy and confident in exercise.