Sexy underwear suit brand men

Sexy underwear suit brand men

Background introduction

As people know and accept sexy underwear, the demand for sexy underwear suits has also increased.The erotic underwear suit is a matching two pieces of two pieces, usually including tops such as tops, underwear, hanging sticks and other products.This article will introduce several brand male love underwear suits to help men consumers understand the style and characteristics of the sexy underwear in the market, and provide some options for men who want to buy a sexy lingerie suit.

Brand 1: Lorafolk

Lorafolk is a French brand, and its design style is full of French romance.The brand underwear suit is mainly based on transparent, lace, pleated edges and other elements. The color is mainly pink and white. The style is mostly bra with T -shaped pants or T -shaped pants with suspenders.

Brand 2: Male Power

Lace Maid Costume Set – Y171

Male Power is a American brand. Its design style is sexy, with simple lines, and the touches of the skin with high quality and close to the skin.The brand’s products are rich in types. The common set design mainly includes T -shirt underwear with sexy underwear, short -sleeved shirts with tight underwear.

Brand 3: Croota

Croota is a Korean brand. Its design style is simple, fashionable, and personalized. Common sets include T -shirt underwear suits, sleeveless T -shirts with briefs.The brand focuses on comfort and breathability, often uses ultra -long velvet, cotton and other fabrics, and pays attention to detail processing, making the underwear suit more comfortable and in line with the principles of ergonomic engineering.

Brand 4: Junk Underjeans

Junk Underjeans is an American brand, and its design style is biased towards sports and leisure style.The brand’s common underwear set design includes tight V -neck T -shirts with leg pants, short -sleeved shirts with loose shorts.Most of the products are mainly dark styles, giving people a masculinity.

Brand 5: Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is an American brand. Its design style is healthy, confident, and decadent. Common underwear suits products include ultra -narrow shoulder strap T -shirts with sexy underwear, strange ultra -narrow shoulder strap T -shirts with C -shaped pants.Its design has both traditional and interesting, and the elements of fashion trends are reflected, and they are well -known by the Rainbow youths with their unique sexy.

Brand 6: Aussiebum

AUSSIEBUM is the Australian brand. Its design style is simple, sports, leisure, and has sexy and sexy elements.The brand underwear suit design is mainly T -shirt panties and sleeveless T -shirts with trousers. The design is mostly fresh and natural color systems, such as green, blue, gray, etc., suitable for men with a little neutral temperament.


Brand 7: 2 (X) IST

2 (X) IST is a US brand. Its design style is simple, generous, casual, fashionable, and the lines are smooth and simple.The design style of the brand underwear suit is mostly decorated with some bright colors based on the neutral color tone, such as white, black, dark blue and orange.

Brand 8: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a US brand. Its design style is simple and generous, leisure, and outstanding. The common underwear set design includes triangular shorts and panties with suspenders, panties and long -sleeved T -shirts.Most brands are mainly monochrome and other monochrome of white, black, and gray. The design is simple and generous, suitable for men who like low -key and tasteless.

Brand 9: Pump!

Pump! It is a Canadian brand. Its design style has sports elements, masculinity and avant -garde sense.Common sets of designs mainly include V -neck short -sleeved T -shirts with mesh -eye panties, simple exposed meat sets.The product design is simple and generous. Most of the colors use white and black and add gorgeous colors to some shapes.

Brand 10: ES Collection

ES Collection is the Spanish brand. Its design style and avant -garde, reflect the perfect combination of fashion and sexy.Common underwear suits include printed T -shirts with briefs, vests and panties.Most of the product design takes bright and eye -catching colors and unique patterns as the main attack point, making the wearer become the focus of everyone.


Through the introduction and analysis of the above 10 brands, male consumers can understand that the brand has rich brands in the market of foreign sex underwear suits and its own characteristics.When buying a sexy underwear suit, you need to combine your own style, figure and preference to choose a sexy underwear suit that suits you.The most important thing is that when wearing a sexy underwear suit, we must pay more attention to comfort and self -confidence and be a charming man.