Shu Qi early sexy underwear collection

Shu Qi early sexy underwear collection

Shu Qi early sexy underwear collection

Shu Qi is a well -known actor from Hong Kong, China. She has challenged many bold characters in many movies and therefore became the sexy goddess of Asia.In her early days, she won the love of the people with her unique charm and diverse underwear style.Among them, her collection of sexy underwear has attracted much attention.

Red color sex lingerie: sexy and elegant

Red is always so unshakable. Shu Qi also wore red sexy underwear many times in the early underwear choices.This color of underwear is full of charm whether it is for men and women. She always exudes a sexy and elegant temperament in wearing such underwear.

Black color sex lingerie: sexy rebellion

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Black is one of the most fashionable and magical colors. The black sexy underwear in Shu Qi’s sexy underwear occupies a considerable proportion.This underwear makes people feel both sexy and rebellious. Perhaps it is because of this contradiction that it can make people more and more fascinating.

Lace erotic underwear: delicate and pleasant

Lace is always very feminine. The upper body is like a artwork. In Shu Qi’s sexy underwear, it is also very representative.The material of the material of lace is combined with the colorful underwear of red, black and other basic colors, and the fan -style lace also brings people a fresh, delicate and human feeling.

Stockings erotic underwear: distinct level of tone

Whether combined with sweet lace underwear or sexy black underwear, stockings can always show the sexy of women.It can bring a strong visual impact and increase the layering of sexy underwear.Shu Qi appeared many times wearing stockings in stockings many times, leaving a unique and profound impression on people.

Perspective sexy underwear: bold and sexy

To a certain extent, the design of seeing sexy underwear is specially created for the sexy goddess like Shu Qi.Such a design can highlight the advantages of her body, and at the same time adjust the proportion of figure, and to balance the harmonious beauty of the figure is a bold and sexy design.

Half cup of sex underwear: fashion charm

The half -cup of sexy underwear design can better highlight the upper chest of women, which is also a symbol of fashion to a certain extent.There are also many such styles in Shu Qi’s sexy underwear collection.It not only increases self -confidence, but also inadvertently shows women with mature and elegant charm.

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Flat Sausa sex lingerie: unique and unique

Fracked sexy underwear is a very unique sexy lingerie. It can add a mystery through the elegant sense of the tassel, and it also has excellent visual effects.There are also many such tassel sexy underwear in Shu Qi’s wardrobe, which looks very chic.

Use rope fabric sexy underwear: folk customs

The rope series underwear is a style used by more and more brands in recent years. There are also many such styles in Shu Qi’s sexy underwear collection.The erotic underwear with rope fabrics has a folk customs, unique and unique.

Doll pretending to be inline: the beauty of contrast

The doll has a unique style of sexy underwear. It integrates cuteness and sexy, bringing people a unique contrast beauty.Shu Qi’s fun underwear also has many such dolls. They not only increase women’s childishness, but also have sexy charm.

Sexy bellyband: full of mystery

Sexy bellybands are relatively rare sexy underwear. It is full of mystery and kitsch, and can also show the beauty of women’s figure.In the early days, Shu Qi also appeared in this sexy underwear, showing his personal style.

Shu Qi’s sexy lingerie collection exudes a special charm and femininity.Its diversity and variants have also brought us a lot of thinking and revelation.We can better understand the sexy of women and the charm of women through her sexy underwear.This also allows us to better appreciate Shu Qi’s early films and video works.