Taobao sex underwear model was sneak shot

Event background

Recently, the news of a model of a Taobao sex underwear shop has attracted widespread attention.According to people familiar with the matter, when the model was shooting a trial video, unknown people used a hidden camera equipment to sneak a photo with her. The video was uploaded to the Internet and quickly spread online.

Candid behavior has constituted a crime

First of all, we must make it clear that sneak shots have constituted a crime.The violation of the privacy of others and publicly disseminating the privacy of others is prohibited in our country’s laws. Although there is no "privacy" in the Internet era, sneak shots in the Internet era are also human privacy.

Do Taobao sex underwear shops take responsibility?

In addition, some people will question whether the Taobao sexy underwear store needs to bear responsibility?In this regard, the answer is yes.As a online store that operates in sexual products, the store has the obligation to protect consumers’ privacy and security. For example, check the customers who enter the store to avoid sneak shots of other people with hidden camera equipment.At the same time, the store should take the initiative to cooperate with the work of arresting the suspect.

How to prevent candid behavior?

Now that the candid behavior is so serious, how should we prevent and avoid this kind of thing?The first thing is to strengthen the vigilance of hidden camera equipment.If anyone carrys suspicious items, such as glasses, bird nest hooks, watches, etc., you need to check carefully.At the same time, residents, merchants, etc. need to strengthen the installation of security facilities to prevent privacy leakage in public places.

Major behaviors need heavy penalties

In response to sneak shots, society’s punishment cannot be relaxed.Any crime must be punished accordingly, whether it is related to sneak shots.Nowadays, the number of sneak shots is increasing, and serious punishment is the fundamental solution.

Promote civilized viewing

In addition, we should advocate the concept of civilized ornamental in the erotic supplies and sexy underwear industries.When watching sexy underwear, we must focus on respect and do not do things that violate morality, law and public interests.I believe that through the joint efforts of everyone, we can create a more civilized social environment.

Personal privacy protection in the era of big data needs to be strengthened urgently

Finally, we need to realize that we live in a big data era.Our personal information has been subconscious or unconsciously transmitted and shared.It is necessary to attract our concern about personal privacy protection.Preventing privacy leaks in advance, discovering and processing leakage in time are our cognition that we need to precipitate in the future.

How to maintain your privacy and security?

In addition to strengthening consciousness, we can also start with daily life and take some practical measures to protect our privacy and security.For example, when buying online, you should pay attention to which information needs to be provided and which do not need; when using smart devices, determine various privacy settings; avoid personal identity data with third parties; maintain physical security in daily life.(Not over, please continue)

In summary

In general, the incident of Taobao sex underwear shop models reminds us of our personal privacy and privacy security needs to cause us to be highly vigilant.We need to further improve awareness, at the same time, take practical and effective measures, continuously improve the mechanism of privacy and security precautions, form social consensus, and build a civilized, harmonious and secure social environment.

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