The area with the largest sex underwear sales

As a special underwear, sexy underwear has a unique charm and is loved by more and more people.Globally, there are more and more regions to sell sexy underwear.So, in various regions, which regions are the largest in sex underwear?

North America

The sexy underwear market in North America is very large, and sales have remained in a leading position in the world.In the United States and Canada, the sales of sexy underwear are very high.The population expenditure and spending power in this area are relatively high, and they are one of the preferred markets for sex underwear brands.

European region

European region is also an important area for sex underwear sales, and sales are quite or even slightly higher than North America.Especially in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy, the sexy underwear market is very mature.In Europe, the sales of sexy underwear have been regulated to a certain degree of legal supervision.


In Asia, Japan is the country with the largest sex underwear.Women in this region pay great attention to the choice and quality of underwear, and their acceptance of sexy underwear is also relatively high.In Japan, sexy underwear has become the mainstream market, and the market growth is very stable.


In China, although the sales of the sexy underwear market are not comparable to North America and Europe, as people have increased their requirements for the quality of life, the potential of the sex underwear market is huge.Since 2013, China’s sexy underwear market has reached the world’s number one.


As a major economy, the sales of sexy underwear in Taiwan are also very good.As a small and refined island country, its market size is small but stable and positive.Fun underwear brands have also regarded Taiwan as an extremely important market, so that the Taiwan market has unique competitiveness in innovation.

Hong Kong

The sexy underwear market in Hong Kong has developed earlier, and sales have been among the top in Hong Kong and surrounding areas and even the global market.As a commercial hub in Asia, Hong Kong has high per capita income and high consumption level, and is one of the important markets of sexy underwear brands.


In Australia, the sex underwear market has also developed into a relatively mature market.Women in this area are relatively good in physical fitness, pay attention to physical care and beauty, and have a high acceptance of sexy underwear.In Australia, the sales of sexy underwear have become the mainstream market.

Indian area

In India, although the sales of the sex underwear market are not as good as other markets, India, as a developing country, has a large population and a huge market potential.Interest underwear brands have also begun to consider India as an important market.

African region

In Africa, the sexy underwear market is relatively underdeveloped, but the market potential is huge.Especially in South Africa and other countries, the sales of sexy underwear brands have gradually increased.The African market is one of the latest markets of all sexy underwear brands and will become a powerful market.

in conclusion

Globally, sales in the sex underwear market are growing.Judging from the current market conditions, sales in North America and Europe are very high.In Asia, the Japanese and Chinese markets have grown very quickly.And the effects of the sexy underwear market in various regions will change with various factors such as consumption and supervision. We can expect more regions to enter the sex underwear market and become a part of the sex underwear market.

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