The dumb girl received sexy underwear

The long -awaited gift of the dumb sister

The dumb sister has always been curious about the sexy underwear. After I heard that the woman would become more sexy after putting it on, so she decided to try it.One day, the dumb girl finally received the sexy underwear sent by her boyfriend, and she looked forward to it.

Preparation for the first time

Before wearing a sexy underwear, the dumb sister read the washing instructions seriously, and then prepared for full preparation. Bathing, suitable high -heeled shoes, etc., she hoped that everything was perfect as possible.In the end, she disassembled the sexy underwear and put on it, and all kinds of feelings came into her heart instantly.

Favorite style and color

The dumb girl’s sexy lingerie style is very many. Her favorite is the BRA with only one strap and a suspender skirt underwear connected to the waist of stockings.She also likes color such as black, red and pink.


After wearing a sexy underwear, the dumb sister felt that she became more confident and charm.I watched it several times in front of the mirror, and my heart began to look forward to wearing such underwear to participate in a date or party.

Skills: Pay attention to details

The dumb girl has some tips for dressing.She reminds everyone to pay attention to details, such as after wearing a sexy underwear, you can match a coat or long skirt to make herself look more noble and elegant.

Sexy tone, release

The biggest role of sexy underwear is to improve the confidence and charm of women, and at the same time make feelings more romantic.The dumb girl believes that after wearing a sexy underwear, you may wish to make your sexy tone more obvious, let men see our sexiest side and release our charm.

Common size problems

Many people will have problems that are not allowed to buy sexy underwear.The dumb sister recommends measure the body first, and then choose according to the brand grid table, because the size of different brands will be different.

Cleaning maintenance common sense

Cleaning sex underwear needs special attention. More high -quality sexy underwear cannot be cleaned with washing machines, but need to be washed by hand.At the same time, special cleaning agents or neutral detergents should be used, and it is necessary to use hot water to wash with hot water to avoid damaging clothes.

Buy and wear with your boyfriend

If you have a boyfriend, the dumb girl recommends that you can choose to buy sexy underwear together and show each other emotions when displaying each other.At the same time, when wearing sexy underwear, remember to have suitable music and atmosphere to make yourself more relaxed.

Select the right style in combination with your own body shape, personality and occasion

In the end, the dumb sister reminded everyone to choose their own sexy underwear in combination with their body shape, personality, and wear occasions.Pay attention to comfort and your own temperament and preferences when choosing.


Interest underwear makes women more confident and sexy, and also enhances emotions with partners.However, pay attention to issues such as size problems, cleaning maintenance, and matching skills to avoid destroying the body and underwear.The most important thing is to choose a sexy underwear that suits you in order to exert its greatest effect.

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