Wearing sexy underwear in the kitchen H

Wearing sexy underwear in the kitchen H

In addition to daily life pressure, couples in love or long -term couples need to broaden the field of sex and find novel stimuli.Interest underwear is one of the sex toys that can add fun. Especially when making sex, wearing sexy sexy underwear can definitely heat up and increase sensory stimuli.Today, this article will introduce you to the full set of pleasure experience wearing sex underwear in the kitchen.

1. The warm kitchen atmosphere

The kitchen is the warmest in all rooms. It is not only a place for men and women to communicate with sex, but also a manufacturer of interaction with each other.The kitchen is embellished more interesting, and the heating up naturally.

2. Choose suitable sexy underwear

When wearing sexy underwear, choose a style that suits your body first.Women with small breasts should choose sexy underwear that suits them to increase self -confidence.At the same time, look at your skin tone to choose a style, don’t buy blindly.

3. Warm atmosphere

People can feel the atmosphere of the environment through all the senses, and a warm atmosphere can make people feel physically and mentally happy.Combining the warm environment of the candlelight with the atmosphere not only makes people feel happy, but also gives people a sense of sense of sense.

4. Start gentle flirting

Before starting H, you can gently interact in the kitchen, tender and flirt, which can increase the sense of sense of sensory underwear.You can embrace your arms lightly and pass your heart with hot kisses.This proactive behavior can increase interest and interaction.

5. Use auxiliary props

In the process of gentle flirting, you can try some auxiliary props, such as aromatherapy, sex bow and arrow suit, warm essential oil massage, etc., to stimulate the sensory nerves in the body and make the whole process more pleasant.

6. Slowly h position

In the process of Anal or Pussy, you can choose some gentle positions, such as opposite sideways, upside down, etc.; Both sides can also kneel on the ground to show the other party’s beautiful skin, and enjoy the ultimate enjoyment brought by sex.

7. Bright color matching

After wearing sexy underwear, you must consider socks, shoes and makeup with sexy underwear.Different colors and matching methods can create different interests, not only highlight the advantages of the figure, but also add color.

8. Create magic charm

When doing H, both sides need to focus on the magic and charm of the other party.When doing H in the kitchen, the tacit understanding of both parties is needed to feel the charm of each other with magic and create an unforgettable experience.

At the end of this article, what I want to say is that wearing sex underwear in the kitchen can not only increase sensory stimuli, but also improve each other’s understanding and intimacy.At the same time, for couples and couples who are looking for exciting in sex, the H method of wearing sexy underwear is also a rare experience.

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