The hotel provides sexy jacket


In recent years, many hotels have begun to provide sexy underwear services to enrich the accommodation experience of guests.However, the introduction of this service has also triggered some controversy.This article will explore this topic and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the hotel to provide sexy underwear.

Service Content

The content of the hotel’s sexy lingerie usually includes sexy underwear, adult toys, etc. to meet the needs of guests.Such services usually require additional payment, and guests can choose their favorite styles and sizes with the help of the reception person.

Benefit and disadvantage

The advantage of hotels to provide sexy underwear services is that they can enrich the accommodation experience of guests, meet the needs of some people, and increase the competitiveness of the hotel.However, this service is also controversial.Some people think that this service will have a negative impact on the hotel, cause harassment on other guests, and adversely affect the society.


There are legitimacy of hotels that provide sexy underwear services.Related laws and regulations in China are strictly reviewing the entertainment content of movies, books, comics, etc., while the review of sex products is relatively loose.However, whether these products can be provided in public need to further discuss and explain the law.

client feedback

Some guests provide a supporting attitude towards the hotel’s sexual underwear, thinking that this can increase the fun and irritating of accommodation.However, there are also some guests who are opposed to this, thinking that this service is not suitable for formal occasions such as family travel or business travel, and it will also affect other guests.

Hotel itself

Whether or not to provide sexy underwear services should be determined by the hotel itself.Different hotels have different positioning and customer groups. Some hotels may pay attention to the "special" experience, while others pay attention to formal business services.Therefore, hotels should evaluate their positioning and customer needs and make appropriate choices.

Possible problems

Providing sex underwear services may cause various problems.For example, if the service scope of the hotel is not clear enough, it may cause trouble for other guests; if guests cause adverse effects when using services, they will also cause losses to the hotel.Therefore, hotels must make pre -evaluation on related risks and take corresponding measures.

Market demand

The hotel provides sexy underwear services, mainly to meet the needs of guests.According to market research, some young people, couples, newlyweds and other groups have interested in this service.Therefore, for some mid -to -high -end hotels, providing sexy underwear can further improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

cultural difference

Considering the cultural differences of different regions and different countries, the corresponding cultural and social factors are required to provide sexy underwear services.For example, in some Western countries, the culture of sexy underwear is more popular, and the culture of China is not very popular. Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider local cultural factors when providing services.


The hotel provides sexy underwear services, which are both beneficial and disadvantaged.Practitioners should fully understand customer needs and market trends, and arrange related services reasonably according to the hotel positioning.At the same time, we should pay attention to relevant laws and regulations to avoid unnecessary risks.Hotels providing sexy underwear services should do their best to improve customer satisfaction and experience.

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