The earliest sexy underwear video in Taipei

The earliest sexy underwear videos in Taipei

As one of the cradle of global sexy lingerie culture, Taiwan has also set off a wave of sexy underwear in the 1990s.In the era when there was no social network and online shopping, people mainly appreciated this unique fashion culture through sex underwear magazines and images.The earliest sexy underwear video in Taipei is still talked about.Below, let’s relive that time together.

The first generation of sexy underwear images

As early as the early 1990s, the sex underwear market began to sprout.At that time, young women began to focus on highlighting their sexy charm, and sexy underwear became one of the important choices.Under the influence of sexy underwear stores, many women began to make sexy underwear images themselves and uploaded them to the then BBS (Bulletin Board System).

Enter the commercial stage

As the market gradually matures, more and more sexy underwear brands have begun to emerge.In this context, Taiwan’s sexy underwear images have also entered the commercial stage.In 1993, Taiwan’s sexy underwear brand Lulla Lula was established to start making its own sexy underwear images, and cooperated with the well -known production company at that time to make the image more professional.

Improvement of image quality

In the process of commercialization of sexy underwear, their picture quality has gradually improved.Early images were generally taken and copied with VHS video recorders, and the picture quality was more vague.By 1995, due to the popularity of superconducting technology, the image gradually used high -quality equipment such as SP and 8mm film for production, and the picture quality was greatly improved.

The rise of gender equality awareness

In the mid -to -late 1990s, Taiwan’s awareness of gender equality gradually rose, and people began to express their sexual desire and sexual orientation more freely.This trend also affects the production and performance of sexy underwear images.The heroine in sexy underwear images is no longer a sexy prop that only shows her body, but has her own personality and willpower.

Interesting underwear images are no longer just played in sexy underwear shops

With the popularity of the Internet, the spread of sexy underwear images has gradually expanded to the Internet.Now people can buy and watch sexy underwear images directly through the Internet without having to go to the physical store in person.

Interesting underwear images are controversial

Although sexy underwear images have now become a very common cultural phenomenon, it is still suffering from many controversy.Some people think that erotic underwear means gender discrimination and materialized women, and some people think this is a very normal fashion culture.These different controversy also promoted the further discussion of the topic of sexy underwear images.

Diversity culture in sexy underwear images

The current sexy underwear image not only expresses sexy through the display of female carcasses, but also gradually adds the elements of multiculturalism.These elements include various skin tone, gender, body shape and sexual orientation, making sexy underwear images more diversified.

Interesting underwear shadow is a cultural phenomenon

In general, although Taiwan’s sexy underwear images have a history of more than 30 years, it is still a very convincing fashion and cultural phenomenon.Interesting underwear images have led to discussions on gender, body, fashion, and culture, and these discussions have further promoted the development of sexy underwear culture.It is not only a commercial product, but also a cultural phenomenon that breaks through traditional norms.


The development of sexy underwear culture is both the development of fashion culture and a stage of awakening of women’s consciousness.Of course, we need to look at and discuss more rationally for the disputes in the culture of sexy underwear, especially in terms of conveying gender and equality.Only under this premise can the culture of sexy underwear really enter people’s lives and inject more fun into fashion and culture.

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