The most exposed erotic underwear and underwear pictures

The most exposed erotic underwear and underwear pictures


Sexy underwear and panties are clothing often wearing clothes when playing in bed.This kind of clothing usually designed some naked and sexy parts to improve the sexual interest of couples.In this article, we will show some of the most exposed erotic underwear and panties, so that readers can understand the current trend in the market.

Sexy connection

Sexy connectors usually include bra and underwear, but a thin mesh is connected in the middle.Such a design looks very sexy and makes people want to be wrong.This underwear is most suitable for women with slim figures because it exposes a lot of skin and body curves.

Naked underwear

This underwear is usually called "naked underwear" because it only includes the minimum amount of cloth, and it will expose the skin of the butt, thighs, and waist.This kind of underwear is exciting and exciting, but it should be noted that only brave and confident women can wear this underwear.

Belly -type bra

The bellyband -style bras are a novel underwear. It combines part of the bra and panties, usually only covering half of the entire chest.This underwear looks very sexy, but it should be noted that it is not suitable for everyone, and it needs a certain courage and confidence.

Bead chain bra

The bead chain bra is a underwear made of beads and metal chains. The bra is also a so -called leakage type, so it is completely unobstructed and exposed.The bead chain bra is suitable for those women with slim and skin -beautiful skin, because it needs to expose most of the breasts.

High waist underwear

High -waisted underwear is a panties that can be used with bellyband -style bra.It is very suitable for women with slim figures, because it can show the curve of the waist and be considered sexy and seductive by many people.


Open underwear is a kind of underwear, which has an open crotch.This kind of underwear looks very sexy because it easily exposes the lower body, but it needs to be carefully matched and needs to avoid wearing too many materials on the body.

Transparent bra

The transparent bra is a underwear, which is usually very transparent and light.This underwear looks very sexy, because it can show the outline of the chest and nipples very obvious, but it should be noted that only women with strong chests and good skin are suitable for wearing transparent bras.

Sexy net socks

Sexy mesh socks are a long -standing sexy underwear element that covers legs and hips, so that the wearer can be more seductive and sexy.This style of underwear is suitable for women in any body, and the two legs look more beautiful.

Ultra -thin transparent underwear

If you don’t want to adopt too exposed designs, then this ultra -thin transparent underwear is another choice.Although it is transparent, but the material is very thin, so it cannot be exposed too much skin, but it looks very sexy, and it can be reminded of many scenes about sex.


Interest underwear does have some sexy elements, and these elements are usually accompanied by the exposure of the skin and body curve.If you are more shy or embarrassed to wear these exposed sexy underwear, then ultra -thin underwear and transparent underwear are a good choice, they are also sexy and more conservative.No matter what kind of sexy underwear you use, the most important thing is full of confidence and show your best side.

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