The sensuality young woman who wears sex underwear

The sensuality young woman who wears sex underwear

Sex underwear is an important equipment for sexual life to be more exciting.If you want to increase your sexual charm and stimulate your taste, then wearing a sex underwear is a good choice.

Choose the right style and size

There are many different styles and sizes in sex underwear, so please choose the style and size that suits you when you buy.Safety first, inappropriate size can easily affect comfort, and wearing small or tight underwear can damage the body.

Set underwear or buy separately

The underwear suit is very popular because they contain various styles of underwear, bra and strap.But if you prefer to customize your own style, it is recommended to buy separately.

Buy high -quality fabrics

High -quality fabrics are the key to wearing sexy underwear.You should choose a soft, comfortable, breathable and easy -to -clean fabric.Some commonly used high -quality fabrics include silk, cashmere and cotton.

Choose the right color and pattern

When you are selected to buy a sexy underwear, choose the color and pattern suitable for your skin color and figure.Light -colored clothes are generally suitable for more slim people, while dark clothes are suitable for people with plump people.

Pay attention to accessories and decoration

Underwear accessories and decorations can make your sexy underwear more attractive.For example, adding silk lace, lace, collarchain and other decorations on underwear can make it look more sexy.

Methods and techniques

You need some skills when wearing erotic underwear.Adjusting clothes to reduce the impact of local raisedness.Make sure the positions of straps and hinges are correct to avoid mistakes in action.

Washing and maintenance of sexy underwear

Cleaning and maintenance is the key to the longevity of sexy underwear.When cleaning sex underwear, use neutral soap and cold water for handwashing.Do not use bleach and soft agent to avoid wear and deformation.

Sexy display before having sex before having sex

Interest underwear is a generous weapon for sexy display.When you put on a sexy underwear, you can appreciate and passion its highlights with your partner.If you want to increase the fun of sexual life, wear your sexy underwear to spend passion nights with your partner.

Taste different types of sexy underwear

The last little tip is to taste different types of sexy underwear.You can choose different erotic underwear according to different occasions, your body and preference.This can enrich your sex life and increase emotional diversity.

Wearing erotic underwear when having sex not only meets the stimulus needs of the protagonist, but also enhances his feelings of self -confidence, physical and mental coordination, foreplay and interaction, and the stimulus of sensory. It is a great experience.Dressing sexy underwear can enhance sexual stimulation and experience, so that you can feel more happiness and confidence.

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