Tmall page bomb delivery is full of sexy underwear

Tmall page bomb delivery is full of sexy underwear

Recently, many users reflect a strange phenomenon when browsing Tmall: No matter what page they are on, the entire page is occupied by sexy underwear.Whether it is a search page or a product details page, a recommendation window for sexy underwear will pop up.Many users feel that this is a "sense of presence", but in fact, there are more reasons behind this.

The development of sex underwear market

With the advancement of society, people’s aesthetic concepts are gradually open, and sexy underwear, as a sexy, romantic special underwear style, has been favored by more and more consumers.As an e -commerce platform, Tmall began to get involved in the sex underwear market a few years ago, and found that the potential of this market is huge.

User Behavior Analysis

In order to better meet the needs of users, Tmall analyzes the behavior of users.They found that many users are very difficult to find their favorite sexy lingerie styles when browsing products, because this underwear is often special and is not easy to be searched.Therefore, they decided to bounce the advertisement of sexy underwear on the page to recommend the styles they are interested in for users.

Application of intelligent recommendation mechanism

By analyzing the user’s purchase history, browsing behavior, and search keywords, Tmall has developed a set of intelligent recommendation mechanisms that can recommend the most suitable sexy lingerie style according to the needs of

Purpose of brand promotion

In addition, Tmall is also promoting brand promotion through the advertisement of sexy underwear on the page.They invited many well -known sexy underwear brands to settle in, to show their boutique products to increase the user’s awareness and recognition.

Advantages and disadvantages of promotion strategies

However, there are some shortcomings in this promotion strategy.First of all, it will affect the user’s browsing experience. Many users will feel uncomfortable because of pop -ups affect reading (especially on mobile phones).Secondly, some users believe that the advertisement to bounce sex underwear on unrelated pages is a bit "dislike".

Improvement measures for user suggestions

For this situation, some users have put forward many improvement measures.For example, you can remind users of new products and special information by pushing emails, text messages, and WeChat to prevent the impact on users from browsing.

Category expansion: promotion of primary sexy underwear

In order to solve the needs of users, Tmall is constantly adjusting the promotion strategy.For example, they began to promote "primary sexy underwear". This is a more simple style and suitable for novice sexy underwear. It will not be too good in sexy, and is relatively vulnerable to users.

The prospect of the domestic sex underwear market is optimistic

In general, although there are still many problems in the current sex underwear market, its future development prospects are very broad.In the next few years, the scale of the sex underwear market will be further expanded, and major brand manufacturers will also increase market investment. This is undoubtedly a very good business opportunity for Tmall.In the process, Tmall can continuously improve the intelligent recommendation algorithm. By improving user portrait accuracy and service quality, better meet user needs, further break market competition, and obtain greater commercial value.


In summary, the advertisement for the Tmall page to send sexy underwear is to better show users, promote sales, increase user experience, and carry out brand promotion. Although there are some defects in this promotion strategy,However, Tmall still draws on the suggestions made by users, gradually improve its promotion strategy and seize the business opportunities of the underwear market, and maintain a leading position in the competitive e -commerce market.

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