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For women, choosing a suitable set of sexy underwear can not only increase self -confidence, but also increase their charm and sexy.Among the many sexy underwear, tulle and stockings sexy underwear has become a type of underwear that women like because of their thin and perspective characteristics.Below, let’s take a look at the style and wearing skills of tulle stockings.

Gauze and fabric

The main materials of tulle stockings are tulle and stockings.The material of the tulle is thin and see, which can show the lines of women’s bodies well and increase sexy charm. The material of stockings is soft and elastic, which can well fit the female curve and make women’s body more perfect.Therefore, when choosing a tulle and wicked socks, you must choose a good gauze and a soft fabric underwear to ensure the comfort and beauty.

Style classification

The style of tulle stockings is very rich and diverse. You can choose different styles according to personal preference.Common styles mainly include bra, underwear, suspender, conjoined body, stockings, and so on.When choosing a style, choose according to your body and preferences. At the same time, pay attention to the overall matching, so that the styles of sex underwear and clothes are coordinated with each other to wear the best results.

Color selection

In addition to styles, the color of tulle and stockings is also very important.Generally speaking, black, white, and red are the most common color choices. Black can create a sense of mystery, white can highlight the purity, and red can show women’s passion and sexy.Of course, different colors need to be selected in different occasions and atmosphere.

Matching skills

When wearing a tulle and hay socks, you need to pay attention to the effect of the overall matching to avoid the feeling of dying.You can choose to match some long skirts, short skirts, tight pants and other items, or accessories such as tulle coats, scarves.In addition, when choosing shoes, you must match the style and occasions of sex underwear to achieve better results.

For people

Although tulle and stockings have thousands of sexy underwear, they are not suitable for all people.Generally speaking, women who are more suitable for women with slim figures, protruding curves, and clean skin, but also choose the right style and color according to their body and temperament.


When wearing tulle stockings, you need to pay attention to the following tips.First of all, choose the appropriate size and style to allow the underwear to fit the body, do not loosen or stretch too tight; second, pay attention to the occasions of wearing to avoid unsuitable sexy underwear in a place that is not suitable;Cooperate with appropriate makeup, hairstyles and accessories to make it better to wear.


In order to make tulle stockings more durable, pay attention to reasonable maintenance and maintenance.Generally speaking, tulle and wicker socks should not be cleaned with washing machines. It is best to use hand washing and drying naturally. At the same time, when storage, you should avoid stacking and friction. You can choose a drawer or wardrobe to store it.

Brand recommendation

There are many brands of tulle and stockings in the market, but there are also many products with inferior quality and poor effects.Therefore, when choosing a brand, you must choose a big brand or a reputation brand to ensure the quality and effect of the product.Common brands are Chanteca, Heartly, Omychic, etc.

in conclusion

The style of tulle and stockings in the sexy lingerie and wearing skills need to be selected according to the personal figure and temperament. At the same time, pay attention to the effect of the overall matching to avoid wearing a feeling of discordant.Maintenance and maintenance is also very critical. Be sure to choose the right brand and reasonable maintenance method.Finally, wearing fun underwear can not only increase self -confidence, but also make women more sexy and charming.

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