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Understand change habit and sexy underwear

The change of costume refers to the psychological disease that is obsessed with wearing clothes that is not in line with your gender.And sexy underwear is a sexy and sexual product, usually materials such as lace, mesh, leather, etc., which aims to make the wearer more sexy and seductive.The two seem to have nothing to do, but in the world of the Internet, the variables will wear sexy underwear on the sex video platform.

The harm of the change of dressing and fun underwear videos

Although the sex video platform has a strict audit system for live broadcast content, there are still some inevitable harm to the existence of variables and sexy underwear videos.First of all, these videos may cause imitation of minors, thereby preventing their normal sexual development; second, these videos may cause plagiarism and stolen problems. If it is transmitted as an unfair video, it will lead to information legal issues.produce.

The correct posture of sexy underwear purchases

Although the design of sexy underwear can stimulate the sexual desire of the wearer, when buying, we need to pay attention to the following points: First of all, choose the size that suits you, too large or too small, will make you very uncomfortable, affect the impact, affect the impact, affect the impact, affect the impact, affect the affectSexual experience; second, it is best to choose simple fabrics, such as chemical fiber, polyester and other materials to avoid buying buttons with buttons or other complex structures; in addition, pay attention to seasonal selection to avoid too exposed or too warm sexy underwear.Wearing it, otherwise it will lead to the emergence of health problems.

Increased sexy underwear

For the mutterous molecules, it is a very important thing to choose a sexy underwear.Different variables tend to be different types of underwear, which can be divided into two types: the first is to simulate heterosexual clothing, such as swimsuits, underwear, etc. This underwear focuses on comfort and simulation, which can make the variables more molecules moreFeel your own opposite sex state; the second is to simulate women’s underwear, including bra, pantyhose, etc. This underwear focuses on sexy and gender imitation ability, which can allow the variables to obtain higher sexual stimulation.

Variety and dressing skills

In addition to choosing to buy interesting underwear, the dressing skills of variable costs are also very important.First of all, you need to master the size and do not choose too large or too small underwear, otherwise it will cause the entire shape to be uncoordinated; second, pay attention to the body’s makeup, if the law must not affect the image; finally, when choosing clothing and jewelry, when choosing clothing and accessories,, Also pay attention not to be too cartoonized, it should be natural and authentic, and the gender can be highlighted.

Gender identity issues

The occurrence of change habit often has a certain relationship with the issue of gender identity.Some people may not satisfy their gender in their hearts.However, for these people, long -term gender depression may cause some psychological problems and even become a psychological barrier.Therefore, we should pay attention to the issue of gender identity, and let everyone live in their gender at ease as much as possible.

Influence of social concepts

Because the society has not fully recognized the problem of changing habit, the prefabricated fellows often encounter incomprehension and discrimination.Such social pressure can lead to the healthy development of the disguise, and even the problems such as excessive anxiety and physical damage.Therefore, we need to pay full attention to the problem of changing the cost, understand and accept these people.

Combined with the Internet technology to solve the problem of change habit

At present, the technical means of the Internet can provide some solutions for transformers.For example, you can make a community website for the variable cost, so that the variables can find the way to obtain social support and understand identity issues;Dress skills.This approach is not only conducive to the mental health of the prefabricated habit, but also makes the entire society more tolerant and understanding.

The combination of sexy underwear and sex life

In addition to changing fellows, sexy underwear can also bring some stimuli and fun to sexual life.Wearing sexy sexy underwear can make couples have a greater intimacy in their bodies, so as to better enjoy the process of sexual life.At the same time, sexy underwear can also help get a better sexual experience. For example, some specially designed sexy underwear can stimulate points through vibration and other methods, so as to make the experience of sex more abundant.


In short, there are some associations for sexy underwear and variations, but this association is not all negative.We should fully understand and respect the variable costumes, and at the same time make good use of modern Internet technology to help them resolve problems. On the premise of protecting personal rights, we can make society more tolerant and understanding.

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