Village in China where China -made love underwear is made

Village in China where China -made love underwear is made

If you have a certain understanding of erotic underwear, then you should know that Chinese -made love underwear has become one of the most influential industries in the world.Have you ever heard that many villages in China rely on production erotic underwear and prosper and develop?Today we will talk about these villages with product -making underwear.

Village introduction

The most well -known erotic underwear village in China is a village called "Yangjiang" in Chaoyang District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province. It has been produced here for decades and has been the main base of China’s sexy underwear industry.In addition, many villages in Dongtai, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, and Xiamen, Fujian also produced in affection in affection, and occupied a certain share in the market.

History background

Twenty years ago, China’s sexy underwear industry was still disorderly, the production technology was difficult to achieve scale, the technical content was extremely low, and no one was willing to get involved in this industry with a stronger color and inadequate culture.However, with the changes of the times and the improvement of the degree of openness, China’s sexy underwear industry has gradually developed.

Factors to promote development

Over the years, development has proven that production advantages have been the biggest advantage of production of sexy underwear in Chinese villages.Unlike the production model adopted by traditional international brands, the production process in Chinese villages is mass production. Villagers have spread by skills, coupled with huge manpower and competitive prices, creating the world’s largest sexy underwear production baseEssence

Innovative Technology

With the continuous expansion of market demand, some sexy underwear villages have begun to pay attention to technological innovation, and develop some more personalized and humanized sexy lingerie styles to meet consumer needs.

market expectation

It is reported that China has become the largest manufacturing country in this industry at present, and its export volume is far ahead of the world.In the next few years, due to the good overall export situation in China, and the sexy underwear industry still has a lot of room for development, it also has an important role in promoting the development of China’s manufacturing industry.

Existing problem

However, with the continuous expansion of the domestic erotic underwear market, villages that lack independent brands are also possible.Therefore, the next strategy of sexy underwear villages should be to improve brand competitiveness and build international brands.


In short, China ’s sexy underwear villages have continued to innovate and trade worldwide has become the mainstay of the global sex lingerie industry. In the future, there will be a lot of improvement and improvement of improvement and improvement.Innovation, brand building, and marketing are the key to the next development of the Village in China.

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