Walnut Sex Plate

Introduction to Walnut sex underwear

Wallet sex underwear is a brand specializing in sexy underwear. It was founded in 2001.Adhering to the concept of "quality first, making sex better", the pursuit of innovation, fashion, and sexy design style. Its underwear style is unique and has a high beauty and scientificity.

Adult sexy underwear

The most well -known beoned underwear is its adult sex lingerie series. The design of these underwear is more bold and more transparent. The fabrics often use higher mainstream materials, such as PU materials, more comfortable use and more sexy.At the same time, Walnut sex underwear pays more attention to details, exquisite tailoring and sewing, plus exquisite accessories to outline the most perfect figure curve, which meets many people’s vision and fantasy of sex.

European and American sexy underwear

The European and American sexy lingerie style of Walnut sex lingerie is also very popular.European and American sexy underwear is unique. It often uses coins, diamonds, lace and other materials. It focuses on cutting and lines to create charming charm.At the same time, European and American sexy underwear also emphasizes a comfortable dressing experience. It integrates comfortable functional elements such as steel -free rims, zero -binding, and tight adjustment. It can also satisfy the sense of relaxation and pleasure at the same time as sexy.

Beauty sexy sheet

Of course, the sexy lingerie of the beoned underwear is also very popular.The creation of beautiful women’s sexy lingerie pays more attention to the design, and usually uses some more cute or beautiful elements to embellish, such as using a cartoon image or animal pattern to design underwear, which will look more cute and lively when wearing.With the beauty of girls, it is definitely the best combination.

Sexy lingerie

Sex feelings are the essence of the walnut sex lingerie.Such a beautiful and sexy erotic underwear is enthusiastic about the booming of sex, and it can also satisfy your sexy thirst.Sexual feelings are unique in design, outline the perfect curve of women, and use the creation of texture fabrics to expose the lines, increase the sexy impact, and make you love it even more.

Our underwear style selection

Of course, the quality of choosing underwear styles is also affected by the overall figure, complexion, gas field and temperament. When choosing underwear, we must consider the body shape and actual situation of the buyer.Lace, elasticin, etc., wearing should be refreshing and comfortable, without a sense of restraint, does not affect physical movement, allows you to highlight natural beauty and reflect the optimal sexy and emotional factor.

Maintenance and maintenance of underwear

In addition to choosing underwear styles, the maintenance and maintenance of underwear are also essential.When wearing sexy underwear, do not pull or rub with your hands too much to prevent scratching or looseness. It is recommended to wash it by hand to avoid the use of neutral cleaning agents such as bleaching agents such as bleach.There should be good ventilation conditions. Do not stack it in places with sufficient sunlight, heavy moisture, and high temperature.


With its professional design, high -quality fabrics, and diversified styles, Hutao sex underwear creates a more comfortable, sexy, and stylish sex passion for everyone who tries to rich sex, and is the sexy body of modern people.Continuously inject new vitality and life.

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