Wear sex underwear on the street articles

1 Introduction

With the development of society and the improvement of the level of opening up, sexy underwear has gradually become a necessary attribute in women’s sex life.However, some people think that sexy underwear is only used in bed and cannot be worn on the street. Today, let’s discuss the problem of wearing erotic underwear on the street.

2. Bold attempt

The sexy underwear on the market now has both sexy and simple ones. Whether it is style, color or fabric, it is very fashionable.Walking on the street wearing sexy underwear, showing your own distinctiveness, there is nothing impossible.

3. Need self -confidence

However, wearing a sexy underwear on the street requires certain confidence, because people will have different views.Therefore, when wearing a sexy underwear on the street, you need to have your own style and characteristics. Slimming the underwear and clothes together, which makes people see a fashion.

4. Matching skills

If you want to walk on the street in sexy underwear, you can use underwear as a kind of inner clothing, matching a stylish shape with jackets and pants.At the same time, you can also choose some fancy underwear to match with simple clothes to create different styles.

5. Suitable occasions

But walking on the street in sexy underwear needs to be selected according to the occasion.For example, when participating in formal occasions, try not to wear too sexy sexy underwear, but choose some simple and low -key styles.

6. Selfest aesthetics

In addition, it should be noted that when wearing sexy underwear on the street, you must first look at your body and temperament, and choose a style that suits you.Everyone’s aesthetics are different, and different styles can be matched according to their own characteristics.

7. Respect others

No matter what kind of dressing style, you need to respect the feelings of others.If you walk on the street in sexy underwear to make people feel uncomfortable, you should properly convert the style of dressing.At the same time, we must respect the choice of clothing of others, and do not blame them because others are wearing that do not meet their own aesthetics.

8. The self -confidence brought

Walking on the street wearing a sexy underwear will bring unusual self -confidence.People dare to express their own side and show their own personality.Women wearing sexy underwear are more confident, more elegant, and can attract more attention and praise.

9. Summary

Walking on the street wearing sexy underwear, you need to choose the appropriate style and match according to your own characteristics and temperament, respect the feelings of others, and also show your self -confidence and personality characteristics.Whether in sexual life or daily wear, sexy underwear can bring different feelings to women.

10. Conclusion

It is a novel way of dressing on the street to wear sexy underwear. Although there are controversy, as long as you can properly match and respect the feelings of others, you can try boldly to show your charm.

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