Wearing sex lingerie and boyfriend

Wearing sex lingerie and boyfriend

The current women pay more and more attention to the choice of underwear, especially sexy underwear.The experience of wearing sex underwear to enjoy sex is gradually accepted and liked.This article will introduce matters that wearing sexy underwear from different perspectives and the impact of sex lingerie on sexual life.

1. Understand the needs of yourself and TA -vary from person to person

For the choice of clothing, it is common sense.For the choice of sexy underwear, you need to consider the needs of yourself and your partner.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider your chest shape, body curve, and your partner’s preference to choose the sexy lingerie style that is best for you and TA.

2. Choose high -quality underwear -safe and worry -free

Quality is a key factor that affects the comfort of underwear.If you want to get a comfortable use experience after wearing a sexy underwear, choosing a high -quality, sexy underwear suitable for you and your partner is essential.And high -quality sexy underwear usually uses natural and harmless raw materials, so there will be no hidden safety hazards or burdens on the body.

3. Select color and styles -selection of pieces, colors first

Interesting underwear is a kind of underwear designed to make your sex more beautiful and beautiful.When choosing the color and style of sexy underwear, you need to choose according to your needs and TA needs.You can consider dark and light styles, or you can choose different styles of sexy underwear to create different sexy feelings.

4. Respect your partner -avoid excessive

The sexy body needs guidance and care.When choosing sexy underwear and TA to complete sex, you need to follow the principles of mutual respect to avoid sexy underwear with too explicit and exposed meat.This will make sex no beauty at all.

5. Clean hygiene -love requires health

Once sexy underwear is put on, it will inevitably contact the body.Before choosing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the hygiene of clothing. It is best to wear advanced cleaning equipment.At the same time, cleaning and sexy underwear using washing liquid is also one of the important means to maintain hygiene.

6. Comfortable -Pursuit of comfortable use experience

Comfort is a key factor that affects the experience of sexy underwear, and a comfortable use experience is more likely to make sex feel more beautiful.Therefore, when selecting sexy underwear, you can consider factor such as fabric selection, size and material permeability.

7. Self -confidence -Enjoying beauty attitude

The wearing experience of sexy underwear makes people feel more beautiful and confident.When wearing sexy underwear, you also need to maintain a good attitude to show the charm of confidence.In this way, it can not only improve your self -confidence, but also make TA feel a more pleasant sex experience.

8. Health is important -treat sexy lingerie correctly

It is important to choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for you and TA. It is very important to enjoy a comfortable experience.However, health problems such as important gender diseases also need to be paid attention to. Women try to avoid using sexy underwear as much as possible in the physiological period and pregnancy, which is of great benefit for health.

9. Infusion of sexy underwear on sex life -sex is more beautiful

The choice and dressing of sexy underwear is not only to make yourself more confident in sex, but also to make the sex experience more beautiful.The benefits of sexy underwear are not only satisfied with sexual feelings, but also to enhance confidence and degree in the process of sex.

10. Continue to try -explore more sexual ways

Selection and dressing of sexy underwear can make sex more emotional and more beautiful.But the way of sex is not only a kind of erotic underwear. We can continue to try more different sexual ways to make the sex life between husband and wife more unique and interesting.

in conclusion:

Wearing sex lingerie in sexual life, you need to consider your needs and TA needs, choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you and TA, and maintain a comfortable, confident and respectful attitude.The benefits of sexy underwear are far more than just sex feelings, but a good way to improve sexual difficulty, confidence and degree.

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