Wearing sex underwear meet classmates

Wearing sex underwear meet classmates

Sexy underwear allows women to show another charm that is different from usual at the same time.However, when wearing erotic underwear out, encountering acquaintances or classmates will make many women embarrassed and do not know how to deal with it.This article will help you understand how to face acquaintances or classmates when wearing sexy underwear.

Choose suitable sexy underwear types

When wearing sexy underwear, you must first choose the type that suits you.Different types are suitable for different occasions, such as nightclubs, pajamas, home leisure types, and so on.Choosing underwear suitable for occasions can make you more stylish when wearing, and will not appear too public in front of your classmates.

Consider the type of clothes you wear

Interest underwear and clothes need to pay attention to it. It is appropriate to wear it to appear more perfect.If you gather with your classmates, you should also pay attention to the matching of clothes to avoid being too public.It is also important to choose makeup and hairstyles. Moderate heavy makeup and flower branches will make you look more confident and generous.

Pay attention to detail processing

Detail processing is also one of the important parts of sexy underwear. Be careful not to let the underwear expose or be too seeing.While choosing the underwear style, you also need to choose the appropriate size and cup according to your body characteristics, so as to make the underwear more comfortable and harmonious.

But I care about others’ opinions

When you appear in front of your classmates wearing a sexy underwear, there will be some classmates to comment on you, and even talk about it. At this time, don’t pay too much attention to the views of others.The sexy underwear itself is to show his sexy and charm, so you don’t have to mind the evaluation of others too much.

Show self -confidence

It is the most important thing to show a self -confidence when wearing a sexy underwear.It is also important to give full play to your own characteristics and exude a self -confidence. It is also important not to avoid negative comments.Keep a cheerful attitude and actively face life to have the charm of each moment.

Avoid excessive publicity

Going out in sexy underwear is not necessarily to let everyone see it.Expressing your charm and sexy can make you look more confident and generous, but excessive publicity will leave a bad impression on others.Properly pursuing sexy atmosphere, proper self -control is the best way.

Pay attention to the occasion

Interest underwear is not suitable for all occasions, we need to choose according to the specific situation.For example, participating in classmates can wear sexy cooling points, but you need to pay attention to avoid being too publicized when you go to school or go to public places.Wearing different types of sexy underwear according to different occasions can make you look more attractive.

Think about the meaning of wearing a sexy underwear

What is the reason for wearing a sexy underwear?Is it to be noticed, or for more confidently to face life?Sometimes we choose to wear sexy underwear to be more pleasant to our mood and face others more confidently, rather than to let others look at it.Therefore, we should also consider our own inner needs when wearing sexy underwear.


When wearing a sexy underwear to go out and encounter classmates, it is not something that needs to be too worried and cares about. As long as you choose the underwear style you wear correctly, with the appropriate clothes and accessories, and show your confidence and beautiful appearance, you can emit you in front of your classmates.Charm faces life more confidently.

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