Wet show sexy underwear

Wet show sexy underwear

When it comes to sexy underwear, the eye -catching models are often not ignored.Bold, sexy, elegant or avant -garde, exaggerated, shocking, different brands have tried various styles to make the audience shine.This article will introduce some of the details and examples of the need to know the need to know in the show.


There are many sexy lingerie styles.In addition to the traditional bra and underwear, the pursuit of innovation of sexy underwear has added more details.Personally hollow, hollow, lace, sequins, beads, lace, high boots, etc. The design of gorgeous sexy underwear is not only determined by the choice of fabrics and process processes, but also depends on the imagination of the brand team.For models, lights, and sound effects, it is necessary to consider whether it is coordinated with the overall style and strategy.

Upper body

The upper body of the sexy underwear plays a vital role in the catwalk.When the model walks, the design and texture of the upper body can increase the outline to the chest, set off a sexy curve, which surprises the audience.Many styles such as "Half Cup", "Full Cup", "Flat Cup", and "V -Face Cup" can provide rich choices.

Lower body

Relying on special texture and tailoring methods, the lower body part of the sexy underwear can also bring a unique highlight to the model.Pants, lace, hollow design, etc. are all attractive factors that make the wearer more attractive when they are matched with upper and sexy underwear.


In terms of sexy underwear accessories, it is different from ordinary underwear. It pays more attention to how to shape the style like fashion through accessories.For example, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, headwear, masks, shawls, etc. are all important tools for sexy underwear designers to express different themes. It is properly used to use the charm of sexy underwear to the extreme.

make up

The makeup of showing sexy underwear needs to be considered from multiple angles, such as with the theme of sexy underwear, enhance the model’s facial contour, and make the exposed part of the face be consistent with the style of sexy underwear.Makeup is not only individualized, but also involves details such as color coordination and material matching. The cooperation between designers and makeup artists is essential.


The gait of the catwalk is also one of the means to attract the attention of the audience.Choose a model to step on the storage, using the in place or special stage to keep the model a stable attitude and beautiful dance, which can make a far -reaching impression on the designer’s works.The dispatched demonstration coach or professional dance arrangement team can ensure the best results.


The elements of erotic underwear are not fully reflected in the sexy underwear itself. It also needs lighting to make selective irradiation to achieve the effect of weakening the background, making the model more prominent and sexy underwear.Lights of different colors cannot be ignored by the light transmission and color of sexy underwear.The light design needs to be carried out according to the overall color of the brand and the key elements of sexy underwear.

Sound effect

The sound effect is also an important part of the sexy underwear catwalk.When using sound effects, the corresponding sound effects should be selected according to the overall style of sexy underwear or the topic to be expressed.Some erotic underwear may require lyrical and lingering, and some need strong dance sound effects. When matching, pay attention to the overall smoothness and coordination.


Sex underwear catwalk show is different from ordinary underwear and is more design.In the catwalk, the brand team needs to consider the overall design style so that it has the uniqueness and unity of the brand style.At the same time, the details of the catwalk need to be considered, such as gait, lighting, sound effects, etc. to make the clothing effect the best.All in all, the catwalk should finally show the most beautiful side of the sexy underwear, attract the attention of the audience, and also promote the image of the brand.

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