Wedding Instead Underwear Large Code 200 pounds

Wedding Instead Underwear Large Code 200 pounds

With the advancement of technology, ten years ago, sexy underwear may be a niche topic, but now, sexy underwear has become a popular cultural phenomenon.Interest underwear not only reflects the beauty and sex of women, but also expresses people’s freedom and opening up. Therefore, in the wedding party, wearing sexy sexy underwear has also become a trend.But what should a large size woman do?How to buy suitable wedding and sexy underwear?

1. Understand your physical condition

It is very important to choose a wedding and sexy underwear to first understand your physical condition.Large -size women need to choose good elasticity and comfortable material sexy underwear.A plump body requires double protection and care, otherwise it will cause a series of problems, such as shoulder pain, back pain, and itching of the skin.

2. Buy the right style

With different body shapes, different types of sexy underwear are suitable for people.For example, if you have a plump chest, you should choose better support to avoid sagging.If you have a thigh, you should choose longer sexy underwear to avoid slipping underwear.Therefore, it is important to buy the right style.

3. Buy comfortable fabric

The quality of erotic underwear is very important, because the large -sized women’s need to pave the way and support.Comfortable fabrics help improve the experience of wearing, and also help improve the durability of underwear.For example, cotton fabrics are softer and comfortable, and sexy sexy underwear usually use thin fabrics such as silk and mesh to highlight the visual effect.

4. Special customization

For large -size women, buying a special custom sexy underwear is a good choice.Special custom sexy underwear can provide a comfortable and close -fitting dressing experience because it is tailored according to personal data.Moreover, special custom sexy underwear can meet the body parts of different shapes and different needs.

5. Appropriate color and pattern

Even if you are not a detail control, you should pay attention to the color and pattern of sexy underwear.For large -size women, appropriate colors and patterns can play a role in modifying the body, and otherwise it will play the opposite role.For example, bright and gorgeous patterns can highlight the problem of large size body.In contrast, simple basic styles, such as black or flesh, may be a better choice.

6. Abandon too much buttons and details

For large -size women, too many details, buttons, and zippers may play the opposite role.Too many details will make the sexy underwear look more crowded and more complicated, which will ignore the key differences, such as a plump figure.Abandoning too much buttons and details can make the body look more pure and simple.

7. Appropriate underwear cup

The size of the underwear cup is very important, and it determines the support and shape of the upper part of the sexy underwear.Because women with large size need to be better support and shaped, it is very important to buy a suitable underwear cup.The correct underwear cup can play a role in adjusting the shape of the body, which can make the chest look fuller.

8. Choose the right brand

Finally, it is also important to choose the right brand.The brand determines the quality, design and comfort of sexy underwear.The quality of the interesting underwear of big brands may be better because they better understand the female body of different shapes and provide them with better underwear design and technology.

Viewpoint: For large -size women, choosing a wedding and sexy underwear that suits you requires a lot of carefulness and patience.In the process of buying, we should pay attention to comfort, style and quality, and abandon some excessive details and complicated patterns.Only in this way can we wear a natural, beautiful, confident and charming self.

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