What is sexy underwear in Taobao

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Taobao is one of the largest online shopping websites in China and has a large amount of goods.But how to search for sexy underwear that suits you?Here are a few tips.

search keyword

Entering the keyword "sexy underwear" in Taobao’s search box is the most basic search method.However, if you want to find a special style of sexy underwear, you can try to enter specific brands, styles or materials and other keywords.

Screening condition

Selecting the screening conditions on the search results page can help you reduce the range, such as selection according to the screening conditions such as price, style, size, color, etc., you can quickly find sexy underwear that meets your preferences.

Precise search

If you already have a certain basic knowledge of sexy underwear, you can try to find more satisfactory products through more accurate search methods.For example, you can search keywords such as "transparent lace underwear", "open stalls with sexy underwear", "fake two pieces of sexy lingerie".

Hot list

On the "Search of Search" search results page, it will see the hot sale list. This is generated by Taobao based on user purchases and views. It can be used as a reference.

Comment area

The comment area is one of the more reliable purchase suggestions.You can view the description of the product by other buyers, and understand the specific description and experience of the product.However, it should be noted that there may be false comments and need to be screened with caution.

brand store

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao, brand stores are more trustworthy.Brand stores usually provide better products and customer services, and you can buy genuine products with confidence.

Other entrance

In addition to searching for sexy underwear directly on Taobao, you can also search for the erotic underwear you need by searching for entrance and Tmall search.

Need to be vigilant

Pay attention to personal information protection and online transaction security when buying sexy underwear on Taobao.It is recommended to carefully understand the specific situation of the seller and the product before buying to avoid being deceived.


Through the above techniques, I hope to help everyone find a suitable sex underwear.Of course, don’t just look at the price when buying, choose the brand and product that suits you.

You need to pay attention to safety issues when buying sexy underwear on Taobao. Please learn more about brands, stores and evaluations corresponding to the products before buying.I hope this article will be helpful to readers’ purchase of sexy underwear.

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