What is the role of sexy underwear suspenders

What is a sexy underwear suspender?

The erotic underwear suspender is a thin strap connected to two shoulder straps, fixed on the back of the sexy underwear.This underwear camisole is usually a loose band design, and most of them are made of satin or lace materials.

The role of sexy underwear suspender

There are many functions of sexy underwear suspenders. The following are their main functions:

Non -slip

The sexy underwear suspender is a powerful tool to keep the underwear in a stable position.When a wearing person needs to move, the underwear sling can prevent the sexy underwear from slipping or moving.

Support the chest

As we all know, women’s breasts need correct support.The suspender of the sexy underwear is fixed on the two shoulders to effectively support the chest, reduce unnecessary elasticity and shaking, while protecting breast skin.

Adjust the height of the bra

Many erotic underwear camisco can be adjusted to adjust the height of the underwear.This is very helpful for making people feel more comfortable and reduced unnecessary oppression.


In addition to the above three functions, the sexy underwear camisole can also beautify the appearance of the wearer.For example, when wearing a low -cut underwear, the two camislars can form a beautiful V -shaped shape and increase the charm of women.

Types of sexy underwear suspenders

There are not only many functions, but also many different types. The following are some common sexy lingerie camislars:

Shoulder strap

One -word shoulder strap is a suspender, consisting of a silk belt or shoulder strap, fixed on the shorts or bras of sexy underwear.

Shoulder strap

Back straps are a sexy underwear suspender fixed on the underwear.They can also be adjusted to make the wearer more comfortable.

How to choose a sexy underwear suspender

Although the sexy underwear sling does not have a variety of complex matching rules like other underwear, the wearer should consider the following factors when choosing a sexy underwear suspender:


Pay attention to the length of the sexy underwear suspender and the size suitable for wearers.If it is too long or too short, it will lead to unnecessary discomfort.


The material of the sexy underwear suspender is very important.Some materials may cause allergies, and some materials may feel uncomfortable on the skin of the wearer.

Color and style

There are many different choices in the color and style of the sexy underwear suspender.The wearer should choose the most beautiful colors and styles they think, because then they feel confident and comfortable.

in conclusion

The sexy underwear sling is a very important part of underwear.In addition to providing basic support and non -slip function, the sexy underwear camisole can also be adjusted and beautified. Therefore, wearers should carefully choose the suspender to ensure that their underwear is comfortable, beautiful and practical.

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