When will the sex underwear change

Why change to sexy shirts

Interest underwear is an indispensable clothing in our daily life. It can not only increase the confidence and sexy atmosphere, but also improve the comfort of wearing.However, long -term wearing the same sexy underwear will not only affect our dressing sexy, but also may cause some health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to change sex underwear often.

How long does it take to change sexy shells?

Generally speaking, we should divide sex underwear into two forms: daily wear and special occasions.For daily wearing sexy underwear, you should change it every six months to one year. This is because after such a long period of use and washing, the erotic underwear materials will gradually wear, elasticity, tightness, comfort and other indicators such as various indicators such as various indicators and other indicators.It will be reduced.

Timing and material

When choosing to replace sex underwear, the timing is very important. You can seize the opportunity during the anniversary and Double Eleven promotional activities to buy a highly cost -effective and good material sexy underwear.In addition, the material of sexy underwear is also worthy of attention. For example, the materials such as silk, cotton, and pure wool are very breathable, soft, comfortable, and easy to clean and disinfection. It is preferred material when replacing.

Whether sexy underwear is suitable

When changing sex underwear, in addition to considering time and material, we also need to consider whether the newly bought sexy underwear is suitable for our body and skin.If your body or skin is sensitive, it is recommended to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.In addition, it is recommended to choose a shop with a trial service when buying to avoid unnecessary costs and risks caused by inappropriate sizes.

Sexy and comfortable balance

The sexy and comfort of sexy underwear requires balance, so you must consider your needs when replacing sex underwear.If you pay more attention to the sexy nature of sexy underwear, you can choose some more materials, more concise and tight sexy underwear.If you pay more attention to comfort, you can choose some underwear with good breathability, shoulders and width, and large enclosure.

Sexy underwear color selection

When choosing the color of sexy underwear, it should be reasonably matched and selected according to factors such as your skin color, daily dressing, and wear occasions.People with lighter skin tone should choose light or white sexy underwear, and people with darker skin tone can choose dark or bright pornographic underwear.For daily dressing and wearing occasions, you need to consider practicality and fashion, and choose the color of underwear that is matched with your own style.


The cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear are also very important. You should clean and disinfect the treatment in time after use, and choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the material of the sexy underwear.For rare materials and special styles of sexy underwear, it is recommended to find professional washing services for cleaning and maintenance.

Replace does not mean throwing away

Replacement of sexy underwear does not mean that you must throw it away. In exchange for the sexy underwear, you can choose to put it in the cabinet to store for later use, or donate to the person you need.Of course, if the real life of the sexy underwear has ended and severe damage is occurred, you need to throw it away in time.


All in all, changing sexy underwear is a necessary thing. It can not only meet our needs, but also reflect our attitude towards life, quality, comfortable, and healthy life attitude.

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