Which episode of Happiness 36 is a sexy underwear

Which episode of Happiness 36 is a sexy underwear

Background introduction

"Happiness 36" is a highly acclaimed TV series, which tells the 36 techniques for people to achieve happiness in life.One episode discusses the influence of sexy underwear on marriage.Let’s take a look at the content of this episode.

Falling underwear overview

Sex underwear is a special type of underwear, which aims to increase the fun and excitement of sex life.They come from many different brands, materials and styles, which can satisfy different personal preferences.

Benefit affecting marriage

Sex underwear can enhance the sex life between husband and wife, and improve the quality and duration of sex.This can help enhance the emotional connection between husband and wife, increase intimacy and trust.

Choose sexy underwear

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for you and your spouse.It should be the right size and style, and it should be attracted between you and your spouse.It is best to avoid too exposed styles to avoid affecting the emotional connection between husband and wife.

Sexy underwear and self -confidence

Wearing sexy underwear requires a certain amount of self -confidence, this self -confidence can be extended to other aspects between husband and wife.While increasing self -confidence, you and your spouse need to accept your body and sexual desire, which can make the interaction between husband and wife smoother.

Place of buying sex underwear

Sex underwear can be purchased online or purchased at adult products stores.Buying online has more privacy, and it is easier to browse different brands and styles.However, buying in adult products store can provide you with more options and allow you to better understand the suits your underwear.

Maintenance of sexy underwear

Interest underwear should be well maintained like other underwear.They should wash them with warm water and dry them in a breathable place.Avoid using bleaching agents and keep them separate to avoid being worn by other clothing.

Self -made sexy underwear

If you want to save some costs and are willing to spend time and energy, you can try your own sexy underwear.In fact, you can use many available materials to make sexy underwear, such as feathers and silk fabrics, and so on.Although it may take longer, it will have a personal feeling and very practical.

Suitable for sex underwear

Interest underwear can be worn on many different occasions, such as on the night of the Valentine’s Day, on the birthday of husband and wife or on a special celebration day, and so on.They should be a special and personal gift between husband and wife.


Interest underwear is not necessarily suitable for all husbands and wives, because they may not be comfortable to some people too much or some couples.Be careful when choosing a sexy underwear to ensure that they are suitable for you and your spouse.

in conclusion

Sex underwear can make the sex life between husband and wife more interesting and passion, but the premise is to choose the emotion and your body that suits you.They should be a special, private gift to enhance the intimacy and trust between husband and wife.

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