Which movie female wearing sexy underwear

Which movie female wearing sexy underwear

In the movie, the actress wearing sexy underwear has always been the focus of the audience’s attention. On the one hand, it can show the beauty and charm of women, and on the other hand, it can also add stronger interest to the plot.So, which movie actress is the most classic about wearing sexy underwear?Below, I will show you the answer from multiple aspects.

1. "To Youth"

In this youth film, the heroines are wearing exquisite sexy underwear.Especially the combination of white underwear is fresh and sexy, making male audiences upside down, and female audiences are also amazed by their styles and design.Not only that, when the heroine Li Yan (Zhou Dongyu) presents the scene of sexy underwear to the actor Yi Yun (Ma Sichun), it also shows the freshness and diversity of modern heterosexual relations.

2. "Ace Bodyguard"

In this action film, the heroine Kate (Samhayek) plays a drug dealer suspect, and is arrested to wear sexy sexy underwear, trying to seduce the actor Mike (Ryan Renaitz).Different from the "rendering" in other movies, the heroine’s appearance in this movie not only shows her sexy and charm, but also adds the film’s depiction of the dark side of human nature.

3. "American School"

In this youth madage film, the heroine Navida (Xie Anna Ises) is wearing a red -colored sexy underwear, accompanied by the song "One More Time" and sexy dance, showing the audience’s ultimate visual enjoyment for the audienceEssenceThis scene has also become the memories of many male audiences.

4. "East Evil Poison"

In this fantasy martial arts movie, the heroine Taohua (Lin Qingxia) is wearing a black lace sexy underwear, lying on the ox cart, waiting for the actor Yang Guo (Leslie Cheung) to come to meet, it is bloody.Especially the material and design of lace brings a bit of mystery and temptation to the film.

5. "Spy Shadow 3"

In this action film, the heroine Scarlett Johnson played a female agent, wearing black and sexy underwear with the support of the Russian beauty team, completed a thrilling agent task.The design of black underwear is simple and sexy, adding a bit of mystery to the image of the role.

6. "50 degrees gray"

This erotic movie is undoubtedly the most representative one. The heroine Anna (Dakata Johnson) in the movie has been wearing a sexy sexy underwear many times in the movie, showing the body’s curve and plump.focus.It is worth mentioning that the film’s representative erotic diblidation scenarios also showed the role of sexy underwear to the extreme.

7. "Hong Kong"

In this sequel movie, the role played by actress Fan Xiaoxuan wore a flower pornographic underwear when traveling in Thailand, which was shining.Unlike previous travel plots, this time female characters also show their sexy and charm, making the audience more pleasant.

8. "Conspiration Husband"

This is a light comedy movie. The scene of the heroine wearing a sexy lingerie also makes people laugh.In the process of the role of the role of gold and gold, wearing black and sexy underwear, he shouted "Don’t catch it, I am a good person", the cramp -like performance and full body, but added a bit of comedy effect to the film.

9. "Kill Bill"

This is a classic action movie. In several tension scenes of the heroine Benita (Uma Serman), she wore black lace sexy underwear.This clever combination makes the character’s killing and sexy intertwined, and make the audience unforgettable.

10. "Water Margin"

This is a classic costume movie. Although there is no intuitive display of sexy underwear, there is a scene of sexy underwear.When Hua Rong seduced Liang Shanbo with a sound of sexy underwear and vomiting like orchid (this method was inaccurate), it showed the vagueness and euphemistic beauty of ancient women.


In the movie, there are many scenes of the heroine wearing a sexy underwear. Whether it is to show the charm and sexy of the character, or to add a strong ink to the plot, it has played an irreplaceable role.And each movie has different styles and emotions. Falling underwear wear is also accompanied by changes in the needs of the times and audiences, becoming the most eye -catching and impressive details of the movie.

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