Which stars like to wear sexy underwear

Background introduction

Interest underwear has now become a fashion, and more and more people will wear this sexy and seductive underwear, and the stars are no exception.The following are the introduction of the topic of sexy underwear.

1. Buli Ralson

Buli Ralson is widely popular globally because of her outstanding performance in Marvel movies.Many fans are also curious, whether she will also choose to wear sexy underwear in her life.In fact, she uploaded photos on social networking sites not long ago, and wrote in the picture description: "Who said I can’t wear fun underwear?" It can be seen that she likes to wear sexy underwear.

2. Rihanna

Rihanna is a very popular pop singer and actress.It is said that she also advocates wearing fun underwear, and even established her own sexy underwear company, incorporating her creativity in the underwear design.She even said, "I like to have a sense of intentional manufacturing, which is also the charm of sexy underwear."

3. Elizabeth Herry

Elizabeth Herry is a very famous actress. The sexy style in her movie "The Beautiful Women of the Moon" is unforgettable.In her life, she has always been the habit of wearing sexy underwear.She believes that sexy underwear is the best manifestation of women’s confidence.

4. Shirley Tentet

Shirley Tyntter is a very talented actress who once performed various roles in many movies.She said that she is also a lovers of sexy underwear, and thinks that this underwear can evoke the most confident and beautiful side of women.

5. The Kardashian family

The Kardashian family is a big name in the United States. The members have always knew how to create the most fashionable dress.Among them, female members of the Kardashian family were also found to wear this sexy sexy underwear many times.

6. Emma Watson

Emma Watson made her debut for many years and was sought after by many people with her outstanding performance.She has always been a very personal actress, and in her private life, she has also been found to wear sexy underwear many times.

7. Meghan Fox

Meghan Fox is a very talented actress and also performed very well in the movie "Transformers".In many interviews, she said that she likes to wear sexy underwear and think that this underwear can make women more confident.

8. Cartenna Gray

Caterina Gray is a very outstanding actress, and her acting skills and personal charm have also been widely praised by the public.In her life, she has always liked to wear sexy underwear, and she did not shy off at the scene.She believes that sexy underwear is a way to release women’s inner passion.

9. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is a very beautiful and charming actress, and her influence and popularity is also very high.In some of her social posts, she has also exposed photos of her sexy underwear many times.She believes that sexy underwear is a very sexy, fashionable female dress.

10. Katie Perry

Katie Perry is a very creative female artist, and her music and fashion styles are loved by many people.In her life, she could not resist the appeal of sexy underwear.She also said, "Interest underwear can make every woman feel confident and sexy. I like this feeling."


Which stars like to wear sex underwear?As a fashion element, sex underwear has gradually been accepted and loved by people, and it makes each woman feel more confident and sexy.These stars also prove the beauty and charm of sexy underwear with their own actions.

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